Thursday, August 12, 2010

The perfect lunchbox!

Well, its Term 3 and the lunchbox ideas have dried up.
To be honest they were never that exciting anyway!
2 boys, 2 pretty fussy eaters. I have given up trying to tempt them with something different!

So day after day, the same boring things. Sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, blah, blah, blah!

I came across these pictures from a fellow blogger (sorry cant remember who!) and just loved her clever ideas on "merchandising" the basics!

So cute and tempting. I bet all the kids would want to trade lunches!

Looking at these I should really make more of an effort!!

I'm sure even my husband would appreciate a ham and cheese squirrel sandwich in his lunch box!

all images via a fellow blogger who's name escapes me! sorry


  1. Those lunches are almost too cute to eat. How creative!

  2. How fun! Although I think it might encourage the kids to play with their lunch instead of eating it! :P

    Thanks for sharing! x

  3. They look fantastic but seriously.... do you have that sort of creative time in the mornings? Our house is a crazy rush to get out the door... One at 7.30am and then again at 8.15am... I wish you well with your efforts. ;-)

  4. Although these lunches are extra cute, Im not sure I could really be bothered! Might be fun for a day or two. I do try to be organised in the mornings by doing lunches and laying out uniforms the night before. Although we are always running out the door worrying about being late! My boys are the slowest bfast eaters and dressers in the world :)

  5. Sure beats my efforts! Like you I find the lunchboxes hard work - however, most times when I try and get inventive with my sandwich fillings the girls come back to me and request 'just a marmite or nutella please'. The best thing about the school holidays - no lunchboxes!!

  6. That is so sweet!!! It is always hard to find something exciting to have in the lunch boxes! Have a great day! xo

  7. I knew I liked cookie cutters shapes for reasons other than how cute the cookies look...
    The ideas are now endless....oh and how simple just putting mundane in paper cupcake holders(forgot what they are usually called);)

  8. Those lunches seriously put me to shame! I try to give them lots of home baked goddies to break up the boredom a little, but if I started handing out lunch boxes like that, I would have to do it forever!!
    Flick x

  9. There are some really cool ideas there, Simone. We have a jigsaw puzzle sandwich cutter, which provides a little bit of variety for my boys. A friend has just bought this one ( for them (it hasn't arrived yet), so they will enjoy dino shaped sandwiches soon.

    Oh and I like the idea of using the cupcakes papers too!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  10. These are so cute. I need to think again about my lunchbox making skills.

  11. When I was a kid I always wanted my mom to pack me fruit loops but she said they were bad for me. Looking back I'm glad she gave me healthier food.



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