Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Around here lately....

Hello! How have you been? I thought I would round up a few photos and share what has been happening around here lately. It's nothing overly exciting just the usual busy week. There is always something to be done and my "to do" list is endless! Simon was away in Bali surfing last week so I was even busier as I juggled everything myself.  Here are some photos from the past week or so.....

The weather has been lovely and you can feel it starting to warm up. Spring is just around the corner!
We have had lots of sickness in the house this winter with colds and tonsillitis, more than any other year, so hopefully this warmer weather will put an end to it.

We waved Simon off on a week's surfing trip in Bali. They were some of the best waves he's ever had so he was stoked. I feel so tired this week though as I never sleep well when he's away!

Noah's room got a little tidy and freshen up. 
I like to move the bed around every few months just to mix things up a bit ;)

I love this view when I walk in the front door. I'm usually the only one that uses this sitting area so it always stays nice and tidy. Bliss!

We had Book Week this week. We took the easy option with Jasper's costume this year! ;)
He really loves The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Pink tulips are brightening up the dining table this week.

The slowest ever bathroom refresh continues on.....
 Apart from the tiling which was done perfectly by Simon's uncle, everything else has had a delay. There was a crack in the vanity when they put it on the truck so we had to wait another week or so for it to be replaced. The bath facade measurements were wrong and when they went to install it the piece wouldn't fit! Another week went by while we waited for another piece to be remade. We then had the glass for the shower screen measured and when they came the measurements were wrong too! 3 different tradie errors! So frustrating, what is that saying....measure twice, cut once? Anyhoo the bathroom is usable so it hasn't inconvenienced us too much but it will be nice when it's finished.
Hopefully by next week!

I'm looking forward to pushing that champagne button at the end of the week! ;)

How has your week been? What have you been up to lately?

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