Thursday, September 3, 2015


Spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier! I love the start of a new season.
Fresh starts and one step closer to my favourite season Summer and those hot, lazy days.

Here is a look at how Spring is looking around here-

Fresh sheets, florals and pastels.

The wattle is out and adds to the perfect scenery on my walk

Delicious breakfasts and choosing the outdoor tables again at cafes

It's so much more pleasant to be out and walking by the beach again.
 I felt like it was a very cold, wet Winter that went on forever!

I chose white flowers this week as there were no pink ones anywhere. 

Fruit for afternoon tea and dreaming of warmer days ahead.

 Coffee welcome any season!

Cupcakes with sprinkles to celebrate Spring!

Are you happy to see Spring? What's your favourite season?


  1. So excited that spring is here- although I wish it would hurry up and get warmer already so I can get out of my winter clothes! Summer is my favourite too, I love the longer days.


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