Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update on my jobs around the house.

I thought I would update you with my progress on the jobs I wanted to complete around the house.
Well, my progress is zero!
I have all these wonderful ideas BUT they are still on the drawing board.

I wanted to redo Jasper's room, which I talked about here. 
The main feature of the room is the wall map. I have trawled every site to find the exact one I want but can't find it. 
They are either the wrong colour or the wrong size.
 Solution = make one myself. I have have created a file and I'm getting it made up on canvas. Details to come at a later date!

I wanted to create a library feel in the lounge area also. 
More book shelves etc. I was going to be happy just buying a couple of bookcases (free-standing) and putting them along the wall. Silly me, once I got Simon involved it has now become this big production of custom built shelves, cupboards and tv unit. It will look amazing once finished but now it is a custom piece, so I won't have it for another month or so. Frustrating for me, as I want everything now!!

My vintage mirrors that I bought are still waiting to be hung. I can't decide exactly where I want them.

I have 2 cans of white spray paint that I'm desperate to use but this rainy weather is playing havoc with my design ambitions! 
I want to spray paint my eiffel tower white and a couple of other bits n bobs.

So all in all, nothing really to report!

How about you? How are your jobs coming along? Or are things getting in your way?

Simone xx

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  1. Sounds exactly like me Simone :) I have 101 projects constantly running around in my head that I need to work on and none ever seem to get done. I'll be really interested to see your custom built cabinets as if you remember our new heater we got last year, we have plans on getting built in cabinets and shelves on each side of it - it's an awkward corner though so I'd love to see how yours looks and what you've decided on as you have such impeccable taste for all things interiors!! As for Jasper's room, I know the feeling of wanting everything you have pictured 'just so' :) Hope the canvas solution works out for you x

  2. Upcoming Renovations are the number one thing stopping me from doing much more around the house. Super excited to be renovating, a little scared by the overwhelming project it will be, but basically desperate to have that extra space and to then decorate exactly as i want. xx

  3. wow, i cant believe i have not seen your amazing blog before! I have just joined your masses of followers. I'll have to write up some details on The Young Mans bedroom tour but the Wallpaper is Iask and most other things are vintage/ just old junk! Thanks for visiting me, im chuffed!

  4. Planning really is the longest stage of a project. I can't wait to see how your project turns out. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  5. Good luck with them all! I have just discovered your blog and am in love!! I am your newest follower and hope you will stop by soon and say hi!

    Have a sweet day!

    Sar xx

  6. I have just become a follower. My sister has been talking about your blog for some time. I look forward to seeing your newly decorated rooms.



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