Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project Jasper's Room.

 Jasper's room as been a project that I have been wanting to tackle for a few months now.

My inspiration!

My little boy is almost 4 and it is time for a clean out and time to put away those toys that he has lost interest in.Time to say goodbye to Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends, cuddly stuffed toys (of course the favourites will stay!)

a wall map is a must!

 Some fresh colours and a little reading nook for him to enjoy some quiet time with his beloved books. I also want to use some of my prints (and others) plus Jasper's drawings to create a little gallery wall as well.

love this idea of rain guttering used as book shelves

Ahhh the planning stages are so much fun!

I'm loving the idea of a colour combination of blue and green with a splash of red. Ok, time to order that wall map!

Have a beautiful day 
Simone xx

Ps - I can't bear to give/throw away his baby toys so they will be living in a box in the garage, I love the idea of saving some of Jasper's toys for his children. Ahhhh, imagine!

image 1 by kelly wearstler, 2 & 3 via pinterest


  1. Oh these are gorgeous examples Simone....Im going through the same dilemma with Jacqs room..still on the hunt for a new bed..but one that doesnt take up the whole room! Love Maps too..I have the one from Janettes My Sweet Prints ..waiting to be hung...but Jacqs room is such a mess right now..I think a good clean out is due first. Good luck with it honey x

  2. Hey Simone... I recently bought picture rails from Ikea for $15 to use as book shelves in my girls room. Cheap and lovely!

  3. What fun !! I am not trying to sell anything here, just love this idea... Last summer I did a number of large whale carvings that were made to hang on a wall....two of them were sold to Mom's who came to my studio and happened to be redecorating their young son's rooms to something less "nursery"...they loved the idea that their son could always love and enjoy these pieces of art..even when they grew up with a house of their own. I am taken with the idea of using something that will be loved no matter what age...

  4. Thanks for all the great ideas! Anna, I've got my eye on a wall map/mural from, just have to measure up. Clea, I love the idea of the picture rails, better get onto the Ikea website for a peek. Brenda, what a clever idea. You sound very creative! xx

  5. Enjoy the planning Simone, sounds great, Jasper will just love it. I'm also changing Jarvis' room, to now be more of a Toddlers room. I was just given blue and green bunting for his room which is fab... so will base my theme around that. Have a great day!

  6. I love that second image and love the idea of a wall map for little Jasper. I will look forward to seeing how you re-decorate his room x

  7. Some wonderful ideas there, love, love the wall map..don't you just love redecorating! Have a good day, Lee

  8. I love that wall map, fabulous idea! Can't wait to see Jasper's redecorated room :o)

  9. What a brilliant book! I go ga-ga for children's rooms They are just so wonderful. What fun you'll have decorating Jasper's space. x

  10. Love this post and the wall map, Simone :) A map or globe in a child's room is timeless x

  11. The wall maps are fantastic! And love the picture rail/guttering idea too...going to get the hubby onto this one in the kids rooms and toy room.

  12. That gigantic wall map is super cool. I want something like that in my room.



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