Sunday, January 31, 2016

Teen Bedroom - Finn's Room Makeover + Pallet Bed

We made over Finn's bedroom in the holidays. We wanted to give it a freshen and a more mature vibe. We wanted to give him a bigger bed (as he was outgrowing his single bed ) and also incorporate a comfy space to chill out. 

The layout of the room stayed the same as his shelving and skateboard racks are bolted to the walls and I didn't want to have to remove them. Also his desk fits well underneath the window.

I had seen lots of pallet beds on IG and Pinterest and loved the relaxed look of them. It was also a low cost option instead of having to buy a new bed frame. We just had to buy a double mattress.
I've shown how we decided on the size and readied the pallets at the bottom of the post.

I found so many amazing pieces for his room at such great prices. Kmart was a treasure trove!
I am also using bits of our linen in his room as our queen size quilt covers sit well. 
I've listed below the suppliers and items I've used.

Here is how his room looks now.......

How we assembled his bed.......

We bought 4 old pallets for $50 from a local building materials recycler. 
Due to our space constraint we wanted to leave enough room for a double mattress and about 40cm around the edges to use as a little side table/ledge. 

Simon cut approximately a third off 2 of the pallets (these went closest to the wall) this gave us the dimensions we wanted.  He then used the pressure hose to clean them. They were then given a light sand to get rid of any splinters and rough edges. I'm the ideas girl, Simon is the handyman ;)

We were just using up some white paint we had left over from other projects. We used 2 coats of Taubmans Endure low sheen in white. We found a paint brush was better than a roller as it worked the paint into the grooves in the timber. We weren't overly precious with the application as I knew the texture and imperfections would add to the overall look. We started to run out of paint so decided to skip the middle bit that the mattress would be covering!

A new mattress was purchased and then the fun bit began........ the styling!

It really was a team effort as Finn had quite strong ideas on how he wanted his room to look.  
We're all really happy with the result!

Jasper loved it so much he now wants his own single bed version. We'll see........

Did you do any room makeovers over the holidays? What is it about the start of the year that makes you want to change things around?

Suppliers List
(Note - I bought all of the products myself. None gifted or sponsored. Just things I truly loved)

Pallets - $50 from a local supplier

Lamp - Kmart

Plants - Palm from Bunnings, Fern from a local nursery, Fakes from Kmart and Freedom

Rug - Kmart

Side table - Kmart

Desk - Officeworks

Peace sign - Typo

Skateboard racks - Ebay

Wooden surboard (Alaia)- Simon shaped it himself from Paulownia wood

Tall white lockers - Kmart

Bookcases - Ikea

Roam Free banner - Pony Rider

Baskets - Freedom

Quilt cover - Kip and Co 

Throw and Cushions - Adairs


  1. What a fabulous room Simone! My 14yo daughter is desperate for a room makeover and I am overwhelmed by the idea of it. I might have to bribe you to come and design It for me!!

    1. Thanks Michelle, he really loves it. I love doing a teen room. It's exciting (and scary!) to see them change from a child into a new phase. Put together a mood board first with her favourite things to see which direction you're going in xx

  2. Looks great! I adore that photo clipboard idea. Very cool.

    1. Thank you! Yes so much easier to change out the pictures xx

  3. His room looks amazing what a cool bed! I love those lockers from Kmart they have so much great stuff there dont they and so reasonably priced too :)

    1. Thanks Michelle, we loved the idea of trying it out the pallet bed as I thought something lower to the ground wouldn't take up so much room visually. I jumped on the lockers when I saw them, such a bargain! x

  4. Wow! That is quite a bedroom upgrade. I bet you he is very proud to have such a cool bedroom. My boy is growing up fast too, and I was wondering how I would get his room looking more "big boy" than it is now. I really like the idea of using pallet beds.

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