Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Home in Adore Magazine's 2015 Annual Edition.

We were excited to receive our copy of Adore Magazine's Annual Edition for 2015. It was wonderful to see our home inside and the boys were so excited to see photos of themselves in a magazine!

It was lovely way to showcase the white floors and put the disaster of our flooded floorboards and 6 weeks of renovations and living out of home in the past and focus on the good that came out of it! 
8 months down the track and we are still loving the white floors and we would definitely do them again. They are so fresh and easy to maintain..

Here are a few photos -

It's taking pride of place on our coffee table

Here are some of the other photos that were used in the June/July issue online -

You can buy the Adore Magazine annual edition here or at selected stores and newsagents.

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