Monday, May 18, 2015

Decorating with flowers at home and how to keep them looking fresh for longer.

I love having fresh flowers at home. I think they are a great way of adding that little something extra to a space and bringing life and colour to a room.

I use them to add texture,colour and interest to vignettes around the house and also to bring a little bit of nature inside. Plus they are pretty to look at!

I usually buy some weekly although at the moment there is an abundance as I have some bunches surviving from Mother's Day plus I bought a couple of bunches for a photo shoot we had here on the weekend.

I don't spend a lot on my flowers. I usually pick them up from the supermarket during my weekly grocery shop. Although if there is nothing there I like the look of I might pop past the deli/market to see what I have.  I prefer bunches of one colour and my favourites are white, pink and maybe yellow in the summer. To keep them fresher for longer I cut the stems diagonally when I get them home before I pop them in a vase. Make sure there are no leaves or greenery below the water as this pollutes the water quicker. I also recut stems and change the water every few days.
My favourite flowers change each season but I do love hydrangeas, pink roses and dahlias.

Also don't forget to look at your own garden for any flowers or greenery you can cut and pop into a vase. I love using our jasmine when it's blooming and I've got friends who have great gardens who will leave a bunch on the doorstep every now and again.

I steer away from heavily perfumed flowers as I have a sensitive nose and they can be a bit over powering inside. I always give them the sniff test before I buy, no matter how pretty they are!

I have a variety of vases to suit different types of flowers and spaces. I use anything from vases, bowls, mason jars, pencil holders and cannisters. If it's waterproof I'll use it!
I prefer clear glass but I have a couple of gold and marble look ones for extra interest.

I just love using flowers to decorate and add that personal touch to a space.
It really brings a freshness to the home.

Do you have flowers at home?
What type of flower is your favourite?


  1. What a beautiful post Simone! Your photos are gorgeous. I also love flowers, but don't fill the house with them near enough. I always like potted flowers for a splash of colour. Orchids spring to mind as they grow well in a pot & have so many amazing colours & patterns. But I can't go past roses & Gerberas, stunning! :) xo

  2. Your home looks gorgeous :) I havent treated myself to flowers for a while but did get a beautiful bunch of roses and irises from my fiance for my Birthday last week :) I like to spread the bunch around and have a little vase in the bathroom and one on the kitchen table xx


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