Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Noah & Finn in Shop 4 Kids Magazine :)

If you saw a woman at the Newsagent buying 5 copies of Shop 4 Kids magazine yesterday, that was me! 
Finn and Noah are in this issue and of course I had to get copies for the scrapbook and the grandparents.

Here is Noah modelling his lovely Baby Gap outfit. Don't you just want to squeeze him?! This was a few months ago before he was crawling. I don't know if you could get these shots now!

(at the shoot)
(in the magazine,next to a little friend)

Also Finn was in an article about his room and clothes/style.

I also thought I would answer a few questions about his room as I have had a few enquiries on where I bought things.

Finn's bed is a single white faux leather bed from Fantastic Furniture. I switch up the quilt covers quite often as the boys all share their linen. Most of them are from Ikea, Freedom or Mozi. I keep his bedroom and furniture pretty neutral and add colour with linen and his accessories.
 I didn't really want heaps of posters on the wall so we compromised with the clipboards from Officeworks. This lets Finn display his skating & surfing posters and change them easily when he wants to put up some new ones.

Along one of Finn's walls we have put up 2 x Billy bookcases from Ikea, along with the doors and extender to display & hold his books & treasure. It worked perfectly with his homework desk. I added a ghost chair for a bit of style plus the clear plastic keeps the space looking uncluttered.
 The baskets were from Freedom but Ikea also do baskets to fit. I labelled each basket just to give everything a home and make it easier for Finn to put things aways correctly and keep his room tidy.

To add a bit of colour above his desk I found this cool world map from Typo. 
Finn wanted a few plants for his room so we decided on the most hardy of plants, the cactus!!
They were from Bunnings and are going strong with no care :)

On another wall is his corkboard for his calendar and a few more surfing posters. It was also a great spot for storing skateboards, as they are easily accessible plus add a bit of colour and his personality to his room. Remember with a half pipe in the backyard those skateboards get quite a work out :) This is the family's collection of boards. The skateboard racks were from Ebay.

Other little touches are his beloved books, his name in Typo letters, bag of crystals, and his camera. He is really getting into his photography at the moment.

So there you have it. We were all quite excited to see the boys in the magazine. Unfortunately Jasper wasn't in this issue but his room was photographed and he was interviewed for a later date 

All photos (except the skate ramp) were taken by the Shop 4 Kids photographer. They were kind enough to send me a disk with all the shots they didn't use in the magazine. So happy to have them to look back on.


  1. How exciting to see two of your gorgeous boys in such a fabulous magazine - I'm squealing with excitement for you!

  2. That is so cool Simone, your boys are quite the gorgeous young models. So cute. I LOVE Finn's room, everything is so cleverly put together and it's so nice to see a lovely boys room. I so wish we had the space in our home for me to do a nice room for each of the boys, maybe one day we'll get there.
    Thank you for sharing, you should feel extremely proud Mama xoxo

  3. How exciting Simone! I love that magazine and am always waiting on it's next release! They should have more of them... I'll be on the look out for your boys once I buy it tomorrow! The pics are fantastic and yes Noah is just delicious!

    Sophie xo

  4. Your boys are gorgeous- and I'm in love with Finns room! We are about to put our boys into separate rooms for the first time so I'm always looking for inspiration.

  5. Fantastic photos - love your eldest son's bedroom! Neat, tidy, neutral and organised while still keeping it trendy and age-appropriate! Those photos are gorgeous that the mag took - that's so special to have your boys featured in a magazine, and something you will always treasure and that they can look back on and show their kids someday! Quite an achievement!

  6. Finn's room is awesome Simone! I have a few similar elements in my Finn's bedroom (also age 10) We love using clipboards too! I have that Typo world map put aside for his new room as we are currently building, but I'm loving your use of the Billy cabinets in his room, might have to think about those! You & Finn have created a very age appropriate space for him to enjoy, such a great age the pre-teen stage! I have shown my Finn & Noah your backyard half pipe before, lets just say they have been working on my husband!! Thanks for sharing some more photos of Finn's room, was great to see a little more, you must have been so proud to pick up your copies.x.

  7. That's so exciting! Your home is so beautiful - you must hear that all the time! xx

  8. Oh Simone..Noah would have to be one of the cutest babies EVER !! The shots are great and so is the spread !! Well done to all of you !!

  9. How exciting Simone!! Noah is SUCH a cutie!!! Like seriously one of the cutest baby boys I've ever seen :) And Finn's room is awesome. So age appropriate and stylish at the same time. You are such a talented home decorator... if only you could hop on a plane and come over here to the west and help me decorate my place :) You have such great style xx

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