Friday, April 13, 2012

Right now I'm ......

So , right now I'm......

10 Short Stories you must read in 2011 
- by a collection of Australian authors-
So I'm a little behind but the stories are perfect to read in the time it takes to feed Noah.

Outraged by
Nothing at the moment. Just still living in my bliss bubble, I haven't even watched the news lately!

Excited about
Jasper's 5th birthday is coming up. Must start thinking about a plan. Although I will probably outsource the party this year. 
Impersonal play centre he we come! :)

All of your blogs. The night feeds are the perfect time to catch up with what you are all doing. I'm just not commenting. My hands are full!

Thinking about
Exercising. I've been on a couple of walks, or should I say strolls. I'm thinking the motivation will come once the school holidays are over and it's just Noah and I.

Obsessed with
Instagram. Still can't get enough of it but I must introduce more variety to my shots. Baby and boy overload!

Saving for
Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Maybe a weekend away in a few months.

Listening to
I'm a bit old for their demographic but how catchy are One Directions songs? ;)

Loving the colour
Pink. Must be in response to all the blue around here!

How about you?

Simone xx

image from bellaMumma


  1. Right now I am working too much but loving it, wishing I could go and sit in the sun and looking forward to the possibilty of that over the weekend!! x

  2. I might do a post like this on my blog.
    I can't wait to see you and squeeze Noah next week. x

  3. So glad you are enjoying that bubble.
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    :-) xx

  4. well you are a busy lady!!
    we're just enjoying the hols here at number 32! Bon fires, eastershow, bike rides and lots of general faffing it (never actually written faffing before. is that how one would spell it hehe??) enjoy x

  5. Sounds like that new man in your life is fitting in just perfectly. Glad all is going well. x

  6. Lovely to hear what you've been up to Simone. Not watching the news is actually quite lovely... I avoid it most days, or more so don't have the time to watch it.
    I don't blame you for having a baby/boy overload on instagram, you have beautiful subjects right there.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy some of the gorgeous sunshine xo

  7. Lovely post Simone. I love the new born bubble and those amazing early days.

    Happy Weekend. xo

  8. No one would expect you to comment on their blog... your hands are full of a beautiful bundle, just enjoy!!! Norralee. xx

  9. Tee, you can have some of my pink over here!! You sound blissful Simone, gorgeous you & that new baby, love Posie


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