Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm still here :)

I'm still here, as I have been a bit quiet this week I had a few texts and emails wondering if I had the baby  yet :) No, not yet. So this week has been about pottering around around the house and buying those last minute essential things.

I'm talking blue homewares here! I had this uncontrollable urge to buy some new navy cushions and quilt cover. It had to be done! Although I am thinking of adding a touch of pink to the scheme as I am loving navy and pink together at the moment.

Here are a few pics of the new homewares :)

I have been visiting all of your blogs but as I am too tired/lazy to sit with the laptop, I have been reading them on my phone which makes commenting a bit harder. So I am keeping up to date with you all :)

Also just to add something else to the mix, as you know I sell prints over on my facebook page and I have decided to do cards as well! Just something else to throw into the mix and keep myself busy. I will be selling them as a pack of 4 (assorted) and I thought they would be perfect to give with a gift and then your friend could keep the card and frame it. Cards are 5 x 7, so they fit in any standard frame.

I will be launching them on my facebook page either tonight or over the weekend. Pop over if you're interested :)

Simone xx


  1. Sounds like your still going through the nesting period lovely...LOVE the addition of blue..looks fab!
    Not long to go now sweety...I would suggest to grab as many little nanna naps as you can...the sleep deprivation knocked me for six in the first few weeks.
    sending big hugs and hoping all goes smoothly. Look forward to hearing the good news soon : ) x

  2. Oh the anticipation, it is hard to wait isn't it...hard to just sit there when you know it could happen any minute!

    Store up that sleep bank...if only we could;)

    love the prints.x

  3. You are very talented I love the cards, especially the romeo juliet ones. Very quirky!

  4. Oh I am loving all your blue buys. totally gorgeous and that quilt cover is amazing! And WOW I didn't know you had a facebook page, heading over now to like it! xo

  5. Ohhh that quilt us just to die for ! I recon I NEED one lol hope you don't mind sharing where you got it from :) thanks


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