Saturday, June 10, 2017

Winter Warmers.

It's chilly! After a week of non stop rain and freezing temps it's clear that winter is well and truly here and ready to stay a while. Now winter is not my favourite season so I'm always looking for the positives and any tips or fun diy's to help get me through these cold months. 

Here are a few things I'm doing to stay warm this winter - 

I'm always keeping an eye out for slow cooker recipes in winter. I love the idea of throwing in a bunch of ingredients and out comes a delicious meal 8 hours later. But I'm yet to have a slow cooker meal that's fabulous. Everything seems to turn out mushy and a bit ho hum but I will keep trying! 
I like the look of this Chicken Curry, recipe here

Baths are my favourite way to finish the day in winter. There is nothing like a bath to warm you to your bones! We're going to be doing our bathroom reno in a few weeks so our bath will be out of action so I'm taking advantage while I can. These diy bath bombs seem like a cute idea!

Jeans + knits. My winter uniform....

I'm cosying up our beds and adding throws to the living room. I love creating comfy nooks to snuggle up in. Our heater has been getting quite a work out already ;)

Looking for the perfect hot chocolate recipe.... research is fun!

I love to go to bed early and read a book when the weather is cold. I've just worked my way through my last stack of books and have my eyes out for a new one.

I've also booked a weekend trip to Melbourne at the end of July. 
It's always nice to have something to look forward to.
Any tips on where to eat, shop etc?

A few things to keep you warm and get you through winter. 
What's your favourite thing about winter?

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