Friday, July 1, 2016

Stills - Winter 2016

Winter is well and truly here, it's freezing! 

More of our time is being spent indoors and life just slows down a little. 

I've been pottering around at home, cosying up rooms with throws and extra blankets on the bed, moving plants into sunnier positions, reading, doing puzzles with the kids and heading out for a walk when the sun is shining. I feel I can cope with winter better when there is a blue sky!

Here is a few photos from my week......

My ferns are doing so well! I removed this one from over the bath as it was getting too big and I'm going to hang it out in the dining area. I always get asked for my plant tips but I just make sure I buy the correct plant for the specific spot I have in mind. I take into account the light, temperature and then I water once a week. Every month I add some "plant food" to the water to give it a boost, then I just let it be. It will be interesting to see whether the heater affects them during winter.

Sometimes you need a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to warm up!

I've made time to tidy my desk. It is so satisfying to be up to date with work.

On Mondays Simon and I usually go for a walk and then stop for breakfast afterwards. 
Poached eggs are always a favourite.

Even though outside is cold and dreary we still get lovely light inside. 
Having all that white helps to bounce the light around.

I've been powering through my book piles lately. I would rather pick up a book than my phone at the moment and I'm enjoying getting lost in a good story. This is the pile beside my bed.

I'm making sure I get out for a walk when the weather is good.

Dose of Vitamin C.

Coffee Run.

Looking for the perfect spot for my little family. 

Nemo and Dory are all the rage around here at the moment. We all went to see Finding Dory together, we loved it and I even shed a tear ;)  Winter is the perfect time for the movies.

How are you dealing with the cold? Can't believe we have 2 more months of it!!


  1. Where are the amazing cushions on your lounge from? So boho and cozy at the same time x

  2. The heater has been getting a workout and so have my uggies lately! I love your family stitch artwork so cute :)

  3. Loving the boho cushions and all that texture on your lounge. The embroidery family portrait is so darn cute! I am hating the cold, my feet are permanently frozen! I am with you, loving snuggly with a good book at the moment. I have had screen overload!! x


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