Thursday, February 11, 2016

Date Night - March into Merivale - Food and Wine Festival

Simon and I had a date night last night and decided to jump onto a ferry and head into the city for the launch party of "March into Merivale"

"March into Merivale" is a food and wine festival showcasing the delicious food and cocktails from over 50 of Merivale's venues.

The champagne and Absolut Seabreezes were flowing (vodka, cranberry + grapefruit juice - delish!) and we sampled lots of amazing dishes from various pop up stalls in the laneway and on the various levels of Ivy. The paella was definitely a stand out for us! 

It was fun to wander around and come across different menus, watch the chefs cooking, pick and choose from the pop up stalls and find a spot to chill and listen to the music. The whole atmosphere and attention to detail in the styling of the event was fantastic and really added to the whole fun vibe.

Here are some photos from our night - 

It was such a balmy night it was lovely to finish up the evening sitting in a cabana by the pool.

"March into Merivale" runs from the 14th February - 20th March.
You can download a program here 

We had such a great time we're thinking of going back for the European Laneway night

It really is great value and an awesome way to catch up with friends or perfect for a date night.

Have you been to "March into Merivale" before?

I'm a huge fan of the Merivale restaurants. 
You can read my posts on some of their other venues below -


  1. How do you get the 'dreamy' look to your photos, they are beautiful ❤️ Thank you

    1. Thanks Karen, I use an afterlight filter on my photos x

  2. Looks like such a wonderful evening. If you are ever on the Gold Coast on a Friday or Saturday night you must visit the Miami Marketta - pop us street food vans, live music and fab drinks and artisans. A must do! x

    1. I've heard great things about the food vans! Will definitely check it out when we're up that way next x

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