Sunday, February 7, 2016

A bohemian wedding - desert, cactis and a kombi

I came across a photo of this wedding on Pinterest and just had to click through and see more photos of this amazing event. Although my wedding day was a long time ago I still love to look at wedding magazines and blogs occasionally to get inspiration for parties and styling ideas.

The stand outs for me with this wedding was the gorgeous table setting and the chill out space beside the kombi. Stunning! I also love the palette of teal with pops of copper and tan.

Here are some more photos.......

What do you think?

All photos via Green Wedding Shoes


  1. I love it. Very different to the look I would go for, but in a good way.

  2. This is stunning. Styling with succulents you can do no wrong even for a wedding!

  3. This desert look is becoming so popular! I have had two friends recently wed in Nevada and do photoshoots there. Quite spectacular!


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