Monday, April 20, 2015

Loving Checks & Grids - homewares, fashion, everything!

I'm loving checks and grids this season. It's a classic look but done in a fresh way!

I also think the pattern looks best when it is kept to either black, white or grey.

Here are my favourites -

Cardigan from Esther Boutique

Quilt cover from Country Road

Cushion from Country Road

Maxi Dress from Esther Boutique

Check plate from Domayne

Checked shirt from Supre

Grid flag from Moore Creative

Grid Paper Sack from @prettytidy_roshnee Photo from @oh.eight.oh.nine

Are you a fan? Own anything check or grid?
At last count I had a blanket, a shirt, plates and I've got my eye on that Country Road quilt cover!

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  1. Your checks and grids inspo are fabulous,
    I've always loved this pattern.


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