Friday, March 13, 2015

18 of my Autumn / Winter Fashion Essentials

As March rolls around it's about that time that I start to think about adding a few additions to my wardrobe. I'm ready to get out of the Summer gear and move into jeans.

 I've stuck with my "uniform" from past years for  the Autumn/Winter season and my day to day needs.  The colours and patterns may change but the basics remain - jeans, tees, flat shoes, scarves, jackets with a couple of new accessories thrown in.  This year I've gone for a more muted neutural palette but my favourite stripes and leopard print are still there. There is also a little faux fur thrown in for some night time glamour.

Here is some of my Autumn/Winter Fashion Inspiration - 

Has your mind turned to the new season's clothes yet?
What is your go to piece for Autumn/Winter?


  1. There was certainly a chill in the air today on the way to work! First day wearing jeans this year! Am looking forward to pairing things with my new black leather jackets from Portmans I purchased a few weeks ago!

  2. This palette totally speaks to me!! Love!
    Daisy xo


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