Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sculptures by the Sea - Bondi 2014

We went for a walk at Bondi today and checked out the annual Sculptures by the Sea.

It was the perfect day for a seaside stroll with the sun shining, slight ocean breeze and not overly crowded.

We started at the Icebergs. I love that place!
 It always looks so beautiful and I can never resist taking a photo.

Here are a few(a lot!)snaps I took along the way.
If you want to go and check it out yourself, look away! ;)

A new addition this year was the pop up cafe by The Grounds set up amongst the sculptures. I thought it was a great idea as you could stop for a coffee or a drink along the week and added to the whole social vibe of the walk/art.

We only ever walk to Tamarama so I don't know if the sculptures continue? 

This is about the 4th year that we've been and some pieces are a bit similar to previous years but there is always one or two standouts. This year I loved the whale and the frying pan.

Have you been? What was your favourite sculpture?

Thinking about checking it out?

all photos are my own

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  1. Beautiful shots! We just had a similar art display last month here at Currumbin. It was such a nice way to enjoy art, strolling along the beach! x


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