Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday's Wishlist

Here is my Wednesday Wishlist.
This week's list contains a couple of things to keep me warm as I'm feeling the cold this week!

1. The entrance way to my home is looking a little dull and I think these planters would brighten it up. I can see different succulents planted in them. 

2. Winter has me wishing for a fire pit, I can just see us roasting marshmallows over it.
3. These animal egg cups are just the cutest and would be perfect for my boiled egg in the morning.

4. My feet would stay warm in these pretty bed socks. I can never get enough pink!

Which one is your favourite?
What do you have on your Wednesday Wish list?


  1. Beautiful selection Simone, and yes those planters would look amazing filled with succulents.

    1. Thanks Yvette, if only they weren't so expensive! x

  2. Those animal egg cups are so adorable!


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