Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - DIY Washi Tape Heart Installation

I'm loving having a place to keep all of these creative ideas that I hope to try one day.
I think the more simple I keep the craft, the more chance I have of doing it.
This is why this Washi Tape Heart, found here appealed to me.

You'll need:
* white cardboard - cut in the shape of half a heart
*washi tape (I get mine from Little Paper Lane)

Use the cardboard to trace a heart onto the wall. Starting at the top, apply torn pieces of washi and make sure they stick well. The pieces can be different sizes, but I didn’t tear any longer than 2.5″. Work your way down the shape until you reach the bottom.

And you’re done!
 Run your hand over the tape to smooth out any edges.

There you go! I think this would look great in a child's or adult room over the bed.
The bigger the better!

Have you got any Washi tape at home?
Are you going to try it?

All photos and instructions written by Lexy at The Proper Pinwheel


  1. Oh love this! Does the washi tape pull the paint off when you take it down?


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