Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home Love.

I've had time on these holidays to get through piles of magazines. There is nothing like a flick through a magazine while enjoying the sun.

I was reading Country Style and this home caught my eye.
I'm loving all of the colour and eclectic style.

Sorry for the terrible pics, but I had to snap them on my phone straight from the magazine.

The home is owned by Prue Hufton of Olive and Clover and she said  Anna Spiro was a big influence on her style. I love Anna's style so I think this is why this house speaks to me.

So many clever ideas, I really love the old tennis racquet display and the framed rattles in the little one's room.

How about you?
Have you come across any homes you love lately?

all photography snapped from Country Style magazine

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