Saturday, June 8, 2013

Around the home this week.

We've all been a bit house bound this week due to a bout of sickness hitting the whole family (except for me!) So I've had plenty of opportunity to take some snaps at home.

My birthday flowers are still going strong.

I bought the cutest cushions for the boy's rooms. This one is in Finn's room and Jasper has one that says "Good Morning Gorgeous". 

Still changing the lightbox up. Good lesson for everyone :)

Noah is getting into the boys toys and moving on from his baby stuff. He loves Bullseye as he neighs & clip clops along. I think we have a few more years of Toy Story ahead of us.

I've been making brownies lately. I also bought a special brownie tin that divides all the pieces evenly. So silly but I love it!

I still can't get enough of pink around here! Love the pink vase and pink roses together.

Drink of the week, tea with lemon & honey. Also I'm feeding everyone up with citrus. Colds be gone!

all pics my own


  1. Hope you're all feeling better soon Simone and that you escape the sickness. Your flowers are still looking lovely... and I bet those brownies of yours are enough to make any family member feel better xx

    1. Thanks Amanda, fingers crossed I'll be ok. I don't ususally give in! The flowers are amazing, have lasted forever. They were a gift and bought from a florist. Shows the difference from my usual supermarket flowers :) Brownies just seem to disappear around here xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Whoops, awful typo in that comment Simone, hence the deletion :)
    I wanted to say that they are beautiful shots - I just adore the abundance of light and colour in your home. You should be an interior designer x

    1. Too funny Sarah! Thanks so much, don't know if I could do it for a living! xx

  4. Lovely photos as always Sim. Hopefully all your boys are on the mend. We've been a bit of sniffly, miserable house this week too.
    Love the splashes of pink around your home. Apart from a few tiny subtle displays of pink, I don't have much on show....which is crazy considering it's my fave colour. You've inspired me to experiment with it a bit more!! {actually....Ella's room is a SEA OF PINK....but I'm referring to the rest of our house lol}
    Have a great week.
    Claire x
    P.S. Did you see that my blog's URL has changed? New address:

  5. Lovely pics Simone! I too am in brownie baking mode..what is with that? Horrible time of the year for sickness hay, it really is just a waiting game and hope you don't catch it from the kids. Have a great rest of the week.x

  6. I am loving your lightbox. Such a cool edition to your home!


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