Thursday, June 6, 2013

A peek into my Winter Wardrobe

I thought I would share a peek into my Winter Wardrobe.
It's pretty simple with jeans or leggings as basics and some colour added in with a cosy scarf or top.
I'm either in my ankle boots or leopard flats but I do pull the converse out on the weekend for the park.

What is your favourite piece in your winter wardrobe?
I must admit to being addicted to buying scarves! I have quite the collection but still tend to wear the same 3 over and over.

Yellow/Chartreuse is still my favourite colour at the moment.
I love this outfit below for a dinner out.


  1. Love your picks above... I've been living in my black and denim pairs of skinny jeans from Trenery lately... SO comfy. Also my a new striped jumper and a black and white scarf I picked up last week :)

  2. I am a total scarf convert - last year DH took me to Paris - city of scarves! I love love love them. Like those shoes too!


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