Monday, March 11, 2013

What I would like to do this week :)

After a hugely busy week last week with not much to show for it(!), I really hope I can tick a few things off the list this week. Nothing major, just things that have been niggling me.

I finally ordered the Clarisonic Mia. I have heard amazing things about this product for over a year and had went to order it before but it was out of stock. Reading this article at Life.Styled today reminded me, so here's to trying something new for my skin and feeling not so old. Here's to the magic cure ;)

Noah's party is coming up fast. I always plan these huge beautiful parties in my head but they do take planning so this week is the time to get organised!

I haven't been happy with my hair the last couple of times I have had it done. Too dark, too much of a reddish base etc etc. Maybe I am just a true blonde at heart, but I feel the need to go lighter again. Also all of the boys (except Noah ;) have said they prefer me blonde. Who am I to argue? Back to the hairdressers I go :)

I must get the boys passports organised this week as we are all going over to a friends wedding in Fiji in May. Got to love an island holiday in the middle of the year. We've never been to Fiji, so any tips for kids/babies?

I really want to paint our barstools yellow, I'm trying to introduce pops of colour here and there. Now to find the time to sand and then repaint. If I had my way I would just slap some paint on but Simon has said I have to do it properly :P

So that is just a few things I would like to get done on top of the usual routine and day to day life. Let's see how I go :)

How have you been? Is your life feeling like it is on fast forward too?!


  1. Swooning over the yellow and can't wait to see the finished bar stool results. Someone once said to me that "the years go so fast but the days can be long" and I find this so true - fast forward motion but enjoy every moment of those days as much as a I can. PS totally good jealous of your travel to Fiji, very fun.

  2. I've got a clarisonic and it's without a doubt the best thing I've ever done for my skin. You'll be amazed at how clean your skin feels after using it and it's got rid of all my pesky old lady hormonal breakouts. Loving the pops of yellow in your beautiful home...those stools would look amaze painted yellow!

  3. Please let us know how the clarisonic thingy goes. I hate looking in the mirror thses days...
    A trip tp Fiji sounds like a dream, you lucky girl! Yes, life does seem like it is on fast forward. I just hope it doesn't keep going at this rate for the rest of the year!

  4. Your bar stools are going to look awesome! I painted ours blue last year and love the pop of colour they add to the room. Have fun with all the party planning! x

  5. Guess what? I'm going back to blonde too. X

  6. Hi Simone, gosh I swoon over your place!! I got the Mia just after christmas and love it - your skin feels so smooth and clean after use. I have found though I need to refrain from using it everyday - my skin doesnt agree with everyday use.
    Melita x

  7. Simone, I got the Clarisonic as one of my Christmas presents this year! And I absolutely love it. Having turned 30 this year, I thought a change in my facial routine was needed! It's definitely a good investment.

  8. NICE! I love your last shot of your dining area and I think the yellow would look fantastic! The Hi - C popped out as my favourite. Have fun x


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