Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love xx

I hope someone tells you they love you today.
Happy Valentines Day xx

Here are the cards I bought for my 4 Valentines :)

And these are the gorgeous tulips I got from Simon & the boys.
Also I am still in love with my lightbox. Best present ever! 

I know people say Valentine's Day is commercial but I think sending a card or flowers is a lovely gesture and can brighten your day.

Which would you prefer chocolates or flowers?
Maybe both? ;)
image via Pinterest


  1. So pretty, Happy Valentine's Day Simone!
    I always like a thoughtful card from my hubby, as a gesture of love xx

    1. Hope you got one! I think a card is nice any time xx

  2. i am in LOVE with that lightbox of yours.

    Happy V day Simone!

    1. Yes Peta, I think it could be my most favourite gift ever. Hope you had a good V day xx

  3. Happy V Day, those cards are adorable for your family. Ill take the choccies and flowers please :)
    My man woke me up with a bunch of pretty pink roses and gerbras and breakfast in bed my favourite vegemite on toast!

  4. Yes , choccies and flowers are the perfect combo. How sweet of your man to do that xx


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