Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm loving.....

This week I'm loving......

This new bedding from Country Road, I just love the colour combination but can I really justify another linen purchase? I might have to just admire from afar :)

 These cute wooden blocks from Kikki K.  You can't have enough love around the house!

I'm also loving Noah's new pram liner. Anything to make the pram a little more snazzy :) I bought this off Etsy.

I must admit that even though life is busier than ever now the boys are at school, I'm loving the fact that the house is staying tidier for longer :)

I'm loving anything giraffe at the moment. Do you go through certain animal phases? I've had my owl phase, my rabbit phase, although I'm just happy to look at giraffey things rather than buying them.

We are loving stir fry's for dinner. Especially this Michelle Bridges recipe with ginger, mushroom, beef, greens etc. We just change up the meat and it is a simple dinner we all enjoy. Quick too!

On another note, I had my first shift on the canteen at Finn's school today. I was interested to see how it was with a new group of school mums, food & a new canteen procedures to learn and high school kids to serve! (I have to admit I was worried about my maths!) But it all went great, the mums were super friendly and all the boys so polite. Finn loved having me there and I have found myself rostered on once a month! I think I can fit it in :) I will probably do the canteen and reading groups at Jasper's school. I love how we have hit the ground running with the school year plus Finn has his first school camp away this week. They don't waste anytime getting into things!

What are you loving lately?


  1. Noah's pram liner is fantastic! What a lovely way to spruce up a pram.

    I am loving...your house! Every time I see pictures I am motivated to start doing up my house. We are renting at the moment though, so perhaps I will store ideas for when we buy.

  2. Noah's pram liner is gorgeous! I'm going to be working on a chevron quilt soon! I can't wait to finish it... I'm loving anything chevron lately :) Think I may have to consider the colour scheme of that Country Road quilt into my next quilt! Enjoy your tidy house...

    Sophie xo

  3. Oh the tuck shop Mama, have to say I am pretty keen to start doing that too, haha. Though it's only day 1 of school for us, so think I should just get my head around the routine first. Love that gorgeous pram liner and the gorgeous babe on it is even lovelier. The Country Road bedding is beautiful too. And I also love giraffes. Lovely post Simone xo

  4. That shot of Noah in the pram is adorable Simone, he really is such a cutie pie! And love the liner too :) I must replace my old wok that I threw out as stir-fries are always such simple, quick, yummy meals to make and as you say, one that everyone can enjoy. You're good already doing a canteen session. Sounds like the perfect way to meet other mums and get used to Finn's new school x

    1. GREAT POST:)

      Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

      If you want to see a beautiful Swedish home..check out my blog:)

      Have a great week dear

      LOVE Maria

  5. I am loving the new CR designs as well. Such nice colours! The new range of clothing is nice too, but I have to be good and resist (apart from one top I had to have) :)

  6. I love the bedding!!! I'm all about yellow, grey and black at the moment. I purchased a similar cross cushion to the one in the bedding pic, too. It's linen with a black background and it has the word "plus" on it.

  7. I too am loving Noah's pram liner however I don't have a pram to push anymore :( I have been eyeing off some bedlinen from Etsy with this lovely Chevron print - you've inspired me to make the purchase ! I'm a bit Chevron print mad at the moment !!!

  8. I am in love with that CR linen too, might have to wait until the sales!? And those blocks too cute! xo


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