Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dinner & a movie

It's been a while since Simon and I have had a chance to go out to the movies.
We decided to got out and see Hitchcock last night and have a bite to eat afterwards.

Simon always chooses a boysenberry choc top (such a random flavour, don't you think?), we both shared the popcorn and a diet coke to balance out the calories ;)

I really enjoyed the movie as it was a great cast, great acting and an interesting story. It was a nice balance between his professional/personal life and the story behind Psycho.

After the movie we decided to head down to Manly to have some dinner (you know popcorn doesn't fill you up!). We decided on Hugo's near the wharf. It was such a lovely balmy night and there were so many people out just enjoying themselves with picnics, icecreams and watching the ferry's come and go.

I took advantage of being out and ordered a cocktail. 
I chose the Sunset Geisha - a blend of vodka, strawberry & lychee liqueur and grapefruit juice, passionfruit and a hint of rose. It slipped down a little too easily!!

We ordered pizzas.I couldn't finish my mushroom one but Simon demolished his and half of mine. It was so nice to sit and chat over a nice dinner we didn't cook :) 

As we walked back to the car, we had to walk past Gelatissimo and  made a note to come back another time! 

When's the last time you went to the movies? What did you see?
What's your favourite gelato flavour? 

all photos my own


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening Simone... And that cocktail and pizza has my mouth watering . I was wondering about that movie, glad it's good I think I will have to take /drag Stuart to that. The last pic I saw was Les Mis it was good but so bloody loooong. The indie theatre we go to has great classic choc tops and a wine bar so a glass of bubbles is sometimes the way to go.... Cheers for now. daniele ps see you in instagram (I'm pink gingham ) ;)

  2. saw This is 40 Friday night, hilarious! Favourite ice cream is blood orange, yum!

  3. Sounds like an splendid evening, I love going to the movies. I saw The Hobbit on Boxing Day, that was the only movie I saw last year.

  4. That sounds like a perfect night out Simone, love it! This is sad to say (and something that Scott always brings up too) but we have not been to the movies together since I was pregnant with Angus! Yep, over 5 years!! And we used to go ALL the time and we loved it too. We keep saying we'll go, but it never happens. I think this year we NEED to make an effort. We even discussed seeing This is 40, this evening.
    And yes, boysenberry is a random flavour, though whenever I have it, I totally enjoy it! My first choice would be mint or vanilla though xoxo

  5. Dinner and a movie sounds like the perfect night out to me, it's been a while for us though, can't even remember, maybe it's time we organised a babysitter..favourite gelato flavour - classic vanilla or pistachio!

  6. Sounds like a perfect evening, Simone.
    Paul and I enjoyed dinner out in Manly last night to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We dined at Ouzeria and it was sensational! We had Gelatissimo for dessert on our way back to our car, delicious!

    Katena x

  7. Gorgeous !! My last movie was Twighlight Breaking Dawn Part 2...everytime I go to the movies I always walk away saying we should make it a monthly outing but it just never happens...I'd love to go and see 40 Something which is currently out - you have inspired me to set the date !!

  8. I love going to the movies i go about once a week, but i don't yet have children.
    I saw Gangster squad last week with Ryan Gossling. It was very violent, but otherwise it was a great movie. The fashion in it was fantastic. Very much a mens movie. But i am looking forward to this is 40. It looks hilarious.


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