Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lately I've.....

I keep meaning to blog each day. I go great for a few days then the wheels fall off as I can't find the time to update my little space here. 

How are you all? I feel like I haven't visited your blogs in a while. If you are on Instagram I probably know what you've been up to :) That little addiction of mine is still ticking away!
Let me know if you're on there and I'll follow you.

So lately I have....

Walked the Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi. Simon and I love to do this each year and this year Noah tagged along in his Baby Bjorn. He slept most of the way. He'll catch the Sculptures next year :)

We celebrated Noah's Christening Day with family. He was a tad wiggly in the church but he made it through til the end without too much of a grumble! He much preferred catching up with everyone at home :)
I bought a few new coffee table books. Loving all of these :)

I couldn't resist dressing Noah up for his first Halloween. 

I've been thinking about packing for our Byron trip but haven't got around to it. I guess it will be a last minute thing as usual! Don't you love all of these fresh, sorbet colours?

I bought a little something from Jane's new Etsy store Planet Joy. It is perfect in the entrance way :)
I have an idea for something else I would like her to make for me. Hot pink this time I think!

I'm going to give Chantelle's Photo a Day Challenge a go again. I usually fizzle out towards the end of the month but it's fun while it lasts :)

So that's me. How about you?


  1. Doesn't little Noah look adorable on his Christening Day!
    And I just love that pink sorbet panama hat!
    Off to online shop! :) xx

  2. Omg isn't he cute in both those outfits & seriously I want to live in your house. I love it all.
    I haven't been to byron in a few years dying to take the girls & the mr to show how beautiful it is.

  3. Its nice to just check in and do a catch up post. It always feels like you can go another few days without posting and then do another big catchup. Life does get busy with little ones. I love the costume and the book choices are great.

  4. Oh my. Noah is just the cutest little thing ever. He looks so handsome in his Christening outfit and then so damn cute in that pumpkin. He's really lost that newborn look and now is starting to change in the face.
    I'm going to give the photo a day challenge a go again this month too. I had a few months off from them because I was fizzling out by mid-month. So hopefully I can stick this month out, coz it's fun to join in.

    I love Jane's creations, and ENJOY your Byron trip. YAY!

  5. This space is always so beautiful.
    How cute is your little man??
    :-) xx

  6. Noah is such a cutie pie - what an adorable pumpkin he makes and so sweet in his christening outfit. I love you 'hello' sign and how prettily Jane packaged your purchase and that magazine spread above is definitely drawing me in with all those colours x

  7. Oh Simone, I get what you mean totally, I feel a bit sad that I haven't been blogging much of late, just way too much going on and I never seem to find the time. Noah is SO gorgeous, love the pics of him :)
    Sculptures is awesome again this year, we always enjoy getting down to see them too xo

  8. Hi Simone,

    Just found you on Instagram and now your blog! Loving reading it. I'd love it if you followed me on Instagram - I'm "aussiemaven".

    Your family is beautiful.



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