Monday, August 6, 2012

It's going to be a big week!

So I'm hitting the ground running this week. 
So much to do and so little time! We are still not back in the house yet as the painting has taken longer than we and the painter thought. 

If you ever paint your house interiors "Malibu Sand" (our old colour) and want to change it to "White on White", know that it takes 4 coats to cover it!! Since I thought we would be home on Saturday, this has thrown my whole week into disarray!

It's Finn's 10th birthday tomorrow and I still have pressies to buy & wrap and cupcakes to make for the class tomorrow. As we don't have the best baking facilities where we are I might have to pop over to my inlaws for some baking tonight. Also Jasper has swimming lessons this afternoon. I am giving Noah a quiet morning sleep in the cot for a change as the poor thing as being moved around all weekend and was feeling a little unsettled. So while he sleeps I am getting my to do list ready.

Tuesday is Finn's birthday and I want him to wake to a lovely morning even though we are not at home. He is off to school with his birthday cupcakes and then maybe we can do something a little fun after school to celebrate. Skate park or bike ride then an icecream? Then it's dinner out with the grandparents. He is having a party with his friends on Saturday afternoon. Bowling and pizza. That bit will be easy!!

Wednesday is Finn's Athletic Carnival which will be a whole day out as he likes to enter every event. Competitive little soul he is! I will have Jasper home from kindy that day and of course Noah will be here so it will be a family event as Simon always takes the day off work to be there :)

Thursday is Jasper's School Orientation Day for next year (gulp!)
They are having a Teddy Bear's Picnic which will be cute so we will be up at the school for a few hours. Hopefully we will be back in the house by now and I will have made a start on pulling it all back together.

Friday is the day that I hope to have the house done. Both the older boys will be at school/kindy so it should be a smidge easier. Although Finn has his school football team Grand Final which I would like to see. That will be in the afternoon.

Saturday is the usual. 2 games of football for Finn which are usually in different suburbs! These are the days I wish Simon didn't have to work on the weekends. Jasper has a rock climbing party with one of his kindy friends and Finn is having his bowling party later that afternoon. And then I will be ready to collapse!

Sunday will be more pottering around the house and hopefully and easy day. That is the plan anyway!

My mum is coming up this week to help me out. I really want to enjoy putting the house back together. I am so excited to see the space and have a blank canvas to work with. It will be interesting to see how our furniture works with the floors and white walls. You can only envision things so far before you have to just wait and see :)

How is your week shaping up?

Simone xx

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  1. Happy Birthday for Finn tomorrow, how exciting orientation already for Jasper Good Luck.
    My week is full of chucking old toys that no longer are being used. I would really like my living room back.

    1. Thanks Victoria, Jasper had a great time at his orientation . There is nothing better than throwing out toys! Just make sure the kids aren't around xx

  2. That is a huge week.
    I'm glad you'll have your Mum on board.
    Happy birthday to Finn- and sending lots of energetic vibes to you.
    :-) xx

    1. Thanks Shar, it was a bit draining but great to have another set of hands with mum here xx

  3. How exhausting! Happy Birthday to Finn for tomorrow :)
    Looking forward to seeing your furniture in palce. I'm sure it will look amazing x

  4. Whoa Simone! That week is bigger than Ben Hur, I am tired from just reading that. I guess it's one of those week's where you just have to get on and do it all, as there is no choice really. That is a bummer about your painting. Kinda makes me nervous as I'm really keen to get the house repainted pretty soon, but I have two massive 'feature' walls that I have never liked the colour of because they are so dark... I wonder how many coats it will take to turn those back to white?? Oh dear!
    Hope your lovely boy has a wonderful 10th birthday, double figures is very special. And hope you all have a great family day at the athletics carnival... Wed is supposed to be the nicest day of weather for the week too, sunshine and 22 degrees, perfect!
    Enjoy it all Simone and don't forget to take care of yourself amongst it all, you're very important too! xo

  5. Thanks Julie, nothing went to plan but it turned out to be a great week! Exhausting though! Let's hope next week is a little calmer xx


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