Tuesday, August 28, 2012


As Spring is only a few days away I have the uncontrollable urge to surround myself with colour.

I want to add it to my home, make my food as colourful as possible and add more colour to my wardrobe. I am currently drawn towards green at the moment. I just bought 2 tops in that colour. 

Below are some pics that have caught my eye. Colourful but muted.
I love colour but find it hard to live with too much. Softer colours could be the answer!

How cool is this new take on the Rainbow Cake? Rainbow Cheesecake!

I'm loving this colour combination in the softer tones.

Pink pants are still on my "to get" list.  There is something so pretty about them. These ones above are from Country Road. I remember I wanted a pair of pink jeans a few years ago and couldn't find them. 
Now they are everywhere!

I just bought this colourful garland to add a splash of colour to Jasper's room.

Which colour is calling to you at the moment?

Simone xx

PS - Thanks for all the lovely comments regarding my post on "Blog Love" the other day. I loved sharing some of the blogs I follow with you and am thinking of doing something similar every few weeks :)

PPS - I'm wanting to share photos of our renovation with you but want to wait until it is totally finished and all in place. We are still waiting on our kitchen cupboards and I am still deciding on some decorating bits n bobs!

images from my Pinterest boards


  1. Yay, your green top is here?? You will not be disappointed. Ok so the first time i wore it i had to put a long sleeve T underneath, but it's Canberra!!
    I love the felt balls, i bought my 3rd girl the wreath & rug for her room, it's so divine, the colours, like a giant freckle on her floor!!
    Hooray for green baby, love Posie

  2. PS i actually have some issues with food colouring, not children & activity reactions to it or anything, but where & how these food colourings are made. It's really scary. As i'm on an eating programme, most of my 'coloured' food right now is green leaves, unexciting but healthy. So i love that you picked a muted coloured cake, it's stunning & clearly not bottles of food colouring included. Gosh i feel like some food police, i'm not, promise, love Posie

  3. Hi Simone

    Love that cheesecake! My fav colours at the moment are green also and watermelon. I'm dressing my 2yo D in both.

    Sim x

  4. Beautiful colors! Greetings from another Simone....in France!

  5. Lots of colour in the shops isn't there, very different to last year.. Can't wait to be able towear shorts again. X

  6. Oh my, that rainbow cheesecake is all kinds of lovely! What a fab idea.
    I love pink pants also... though the pale pink variety would end up a very dusty pink on me... cannot keep pale pants clean for some reason.
    I am also loving green Simone... I bought a lovely green blouse for Spring/Summer and can't wait to wear it. Other fave colours of the moment are navy, red and strangely enough, yellow!

  7. That cheesecake is awesome!! I'm on a mission to add more colour to my wardrobe too... since having a cull a few months back, I only have about five or so things that aren't black, grey, blue or white :) Can't wait to see your renovation pics!!


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