Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sick Leave.

Noah and I have been struck down with the flu. 
It's oh so heartbreaking to hear his chesty cough :(
But doesn't he look cute in his fleecy pj's?
Hopefully we will be feeling a bit better tomorrow.

Simone xx

image my own


  1. Boo to the flu.
    But he does look adorable.
    Feel MUCH better soon.

    1. Thanks Shar, I think he is getting cuter every day :) We are feeling better, slow going though. Hope all is well with you. How long til bub? xx

  2. Awwww he is so lovely Simone, gorgeous big boy. Sorry to hear you're both under the weather... we are a house of sickies at the moment too, not much fun at all. Roll on warmer weather. Hope you feel all better soon xo

  3. Thanks Julie, yes it is this awful weather. Can't remember what it feels like to be warm! Hope your boys are feeling better soon, although judging from Felix and the yoghurt, I think he's on the mend ;) xx


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