Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes life forces you to be quiet.
It happened to me this week. I woke up on Saturday not feeling quite right. A little tired, a little achey but nothing too dramatic. Hey I'm just tired. Having a baby will do that to you. 

On Sunday morning we had to be at a breakfast at my brother in laws house to celebrate his birthday. Usually I love family times like these but I struggled to get up. Again I felt achey, tired , lethargic , was developing a cough and I also had a rash all over my arms and legs. As you do I just kept going and got everyone organised. We also had another batch of visitors over that day to meet Noah but by Sunday afternoon I felt so sick I had to go to the doctors (which I hate doing!) 

Turns out I had the flu and the rash was viral and my body's way of saying I was rundown and had to take things easier.  Just rest, the doctor said. Hmmm, how will I do that with 3 children I thought? Although I came home and hopped into bed and Simon took care of everything else. He brought Noah to me every few hours for a feed. I dozed, I ached and I shivered. This went on for a couple of days until I woke up with mastitis! I know the symptoms for the flu and mastitis are similar but I had the cough and the rash so I think I was unlucky enough to have them both at the same time!

After breastfeeding both the older boys for a year each without ever having a problem before I felt a little bit panicky. I pumped and massaged my breast religiously for a few days and I think I have it under control. I didn't really want to resort to antibiotics if I didn't have to. It hasn't disappeared completely but the aches and fevers have disappeared and suddenly things don't seem so bad. 

I think I was on such a high from Noah's birth that I just hit the ground running and tried to slip back into regular life without giving much of a thought of what my body had just been through. I guess I also didn't want Finn and Jasper to feel much disruption in their daily lives either. I was also keeping my little business on facebook ticking over as well. Too much I guess! Adrenalin was obviously getting me through BUT it obviously ran out! Luckily Noah has been so good and is sleeping and feeding well so that has made things easier. Now it is up to me to nurture my body back to strength and good health. I will be taking it slowly for however long I need to. Lesson learnt! 

Have you had mastitis? What did you do? Love to hear your tips :)

Simone xx

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  1. Yep,I had it a few times and it is so unpleasant.Hit me do quickly too.Fine in the morning and flu like I'll a couple of hrs later.So hard with a baby as you have to keep on going.I hope you recover quickly and take it as easy as possible with 3 kids! Now get back into bed:-)

  2. Oh Simone, yes I had it with my third boy, glad your feeling a bit better, a very nasty infection that one. Rest up as much as you can, take care.x

  3. Oh Simone, you must be exhausted! I'm so glad you hear you're feeling better.
    I didn't get mastitis with Little Miss (I hear it's AWFUL though and hoping I'm lucky this time around too). I did get really engorged breasts though (which could have lead to it), and I put cabbage leaves down my bra... totally gross, but it really worked. :)
    Rest up. xx

  4. Its good to hear you are doing better now, I've had mastitis towards the middle of breastfeeding just a sore lump that would never go away, I cried, panicked went to the dr only to be told I needed to take antibiotics, I didn't I went home to massage my breasts ever few hours, expressed a little to feel comfortable & put warm packs to help with the pain.

    Take care xV

  5. Oh no you poor thing. I've had mastitis twice with both breastfeeding journeys and had to take antibiotics. The first time I had the full fluey thing and have never felt so awful. It came on so quickly too. The second time wasn't as bad but still exhausting. Just rest up and make sure your boys are looking after you x

  6. Hello lovely Simone,
    As I was checking your blog daily for "my fix" I came to your current entry, my heart went out to you... it's tuff trying to be super mum. I too am a mother of 3, 2 girls (16yrs, 8yrs) and a 5yr old boy.I "endured mastitis with all 3 babies but by the 3rd I did't worry so much. Being really good at emptying each breast before offering the other side, even if you have to express some because he is "full". My darling Husband became a pro at getting really hot water and gloves ready for me to compress after feeding... hang in there and accept all the help you are offered, sounds as though you have been an amazing muumy to your 2 older boys and that will never change!!!Take care, love Norralee xx

  7. Aahh the joy! Yep. Mastitis and me were best friends. I saw a lactation consultant who said NO antibiotics. Have anti inflammatories, massage and express that side in the shower, feed more frequently from that side (but not enough to give you mastitis on the other side) and also dunk your breast in warm water with Epsom salts and massage. Takes time but as soon as you feel a bit fluey: go for it. Wishing you well soon and yes, rest, rest, rest...

  8. hope you feel much better soon! take care of you. xx

  9. Oh Simone, you poor thing. As I started reading the first few lines of this post I was thinking in my head "that sounds like mastitis", I know the signs too well. I had it in a big way with my first bub. It crept up on me just as you've said here and when Angus was 3 weeks old, it hit hard. Flu like symptoms, rash etc... I was actually hospitalised for 4 days. The pain was excruciating... in fact there is nothing quite like it. I had to be put on antibiotics and I did A LOT of expressing from that point on. I still managed to breast feed Angus until he was 6 months, but just needed to keep expressing the milk through. I didn't get it with Felix though, I made damn sure I was keeping those breasts drained... so glamorous isn't it!?
    I am so glad your lovely hubby took over for a bit, you really need to rest hun, it's a massive job you've got there and you need to be fighting fit to take it on. Big hugs to you xo

  10. Oh I could have written this word for word after Ruby's birth! When she was about 8 weeks old I ended up with a chest infection, throat infection, sinus infection and an ear infection IN BOTH EARS! Same deal, felt so brilliant after her birth I didn't stop! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. I have been hospitalized with mastitis. Three days on very intensive drugs, one massive boob and a black sharpie texts line drawn on my skin around the red area to watch it didn't grow. No fun.

    There is only one type of antibiotic that will work for matistis - hopefully you don't need to go down that path, but if you do, make sure you get a doctor that knows about boobs.

    Keep looking after yourself. It's not fun x

  12. Sorry to hear you have been sick, wow what a whopper! I didnt experience mastitis but friends have....I hope you have a relaxing, recharging weekend planned!x

  13. Queen of mastitis here. Suffered it regularly with all 3 babies.

    One thing that helped me was to lay baby on their back on your bed and you get on all fours to feed. The relief is amazing.

    Here's hoping you don't get it again.


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