Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012.

We've had a gorgeous, relaxing Easter this year.

We've been at home, with visits from a few friends and family. An exciting project for the boys is getting built in the backyard and we have enjoyed walks in the sunshine.

My little bunnies :)

Noah's first Easter.

Lots of chocolate has been consumed!

A skate ramp is getting built in the backyard!

Fun with Cousins on Easter Sunday.

A walk followed by a late lunch.

So it's back to reality tomorrow. Simon is back at work after 2 1/2 weeks at home. I'm going to miss him! He has really been fabulous around home as I got used to our new routine with Noah.

Although it is school holidays, so life is not totally back to normal. It will be lovely to stretch out the "slow pace" for another couple of weeks :)

How was your weekend?

Simone xx

all images my own.


  1. Oh Simone! It's gorgeous seeing you with all your boys - what a happy mama you look. J x

  2. OMG Simone, I just showed my three boys your skateboard ramp....big mistake :) now they are on a mission To get me to agree to one too, which I just know will last for weeks. happy Easter Hun xxx

  3. You all look so happy! No wonder your boys look happy though with that skate ramp being built :)

  4. Oh beautiful bunnies!! A skate ramp wow, my boy would love one of those xx

  5. Looks like you had a lovely Easter weekend. Noah is very cute in his bunny ears!

    How fabulous is that skate ramp, my boys would be wrapped with one of those in the backyard.

    Enjoy the school holidays.

    Katena x

  6. Happy Easter Simone!

    That skate ramp looks incredible! & I've never even been on one ;)

    I hope you transition well while HB heads back to work. It is such a change from having them around & the 2 sets of hands on deck.

    All the love to you & your family at Easter xx

  7. Oh Simone, you beautiful thing. Love the pics, your boys are way too cute... the bunny ears are awesome, we have a set of those same ones here.
    Sounds like a top Easter and WHOA, that skate ramp looks totally cool... I'm certain there will be LOTS of fun to be had on that one.
    Happy Easter and good luck with your first day of kind of flying solo, I'm sure you'll do great xoxo

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Your family is beautiful, yes I have said this before. Enjoy the holidays. I am particularly loving not having to rush this morning. xx

  9. A SKATE RAMP? In your BACKYARD? Oh my - best childhood EVER. Loving all those beautiful photos - love the smiles on all your boys (and you). Happy easter x

  10. What gorgeous photos - you all look so happy :) Wow, a skateboard ramp sounds like fun for your boys!! x

  11. what a wonderful easter you all had, your backyard looks like "serious" fun...
    and the big "M" pie looks amazing...
    Norralee xx

  12. Great pics!

    You have such a cute little family. My younger brothers would have loved that skate ramp growing up


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