Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm joining in today with Eden's Fresh Horses meme.

This time Eden is talking about signs, guardian angels, knowing someone is watching over you.

I am a huge believer in all things spiritual. It gives me comfort knowing that I have someone to call on when times get hard. 

I have my little group of grandparents, an uncle and a cousin who I believe are all together and watching over my family and I. 

My sign that my guardian angels are with me are butterflies. 

A little cliche I know, but you would be amazed at how many times a butterfly has landed on me or beside me when times have been tough and I have needed that boost that someone else would take the load for a while.

Whatever gets you through right?

How about you? 
Do you have a sign that someone is there, helping you out?

Simone xx

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  1. Oh, butterflies are a special sign for me too. I feel my dad, who I lost 7 years ago, through their presence. So special x

  2. Butterflies are just beautiful, though I confess to having a fear of them ON me!
    First time I've come across you and your blog Simone, nice to meet you! :)

  3. Butterflies are perhaps the closest thing on physical earth that look like angels, you know? Beautiful wings, fluttering about. Very special.

  4. Agree butterflies are special creatures indeed :)

  5. I loved Eden's meme this week. The feather idea is gorgeous. As for butterflies - I remember reading a story in a wedding mag once about a woman who had lost her mum, but on her wedding day, right as she was saying her vows a butterfly came and landed on her shoulder, which she took to be a sign that her mum was watching. Gorgeous!

  6. I think butterflies are a delightful sign to believe in Simone. I totally get it too. So free of spirit, pretty and magical. There is definitely something about them that lends comfort during trying times. A lovely post xo


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