Saturday, February 4, 2012

Linking up with Edenland's "Fresh Horses" meme

I'm joining up today with Edenland's "Fresh Horses" meme. Every Saturday there will be something new to share. This week it is handwriting.  This is mine!!

It kinda still looks like I am in year 9 in high school but I have stopped putting hearts over my i's! My writing is a mix of capitals and lowercase. I went through a phase where I didn't like my letters going beneath the line. I'm sure you can analyse something from that!

When I write my kid's notes for school I'm sure the teachers must think it is from another sibling! My writing doesn't look mature enough for a mother. Most of my friends that I went to school with have handwriting similar to mine. Is that strange?

Anyway if you haven't been to Eden's blog before head on over. Her blog is honest and raw and miles away from my "fluffy" little honey and fizz but it's nice to have that contrast sometimes, isn't it?

Simone xx


  1. Your funny, can read your handwriting just need to type as well :)

  2. Thanks Jen, wasn't sure if it was too squishy! x

  3. I like your's young & fresh :) Mine looks like a typical primary teacher's....all symmetrical & neatly child-like LOL! x

  4. i like it - its so neat and easy to read!!

  5. Hee hee - I giggled too when I saw you included a translation!!
    I love your handwriting - and would love to get passed a note telling my friend that your friend likes her friend!!

  6. I like it, Uni ruined my hand writing, i wish it was prettier, alas, no. Love Posie

  7. Very easy to read handwriting! I think it looks quite mature - not year 9 at all. :)

  8. What lovely handwriting you have. I wish mine was more like yours. Mine really is such a mess.

  9. What lovely handwriting you have. I wish mine was more like yours. Mine really is such a mess.

  10. Simone I LOVE your handwriting! It is just beautiful and I'd swap you in a second. I write notes for Maxs teacher and I'm sure she's like, really?

    Loved your words. I used to put hearts over my i's too, HAH! Only when talking about boys though.

    Love your blog. Love.


  11. I also laughed when I saw that you had included a close captioning translation! But it wasn't needed. You have beautiful writing!

  12. Hi simone, your handwriting isnt too bad, i have found that mine has become so much worse in the past few years! Think its the lack of practice and using the computer more often than ever. have never been to visit the blog you mentioned, will head over there! hope all is well! laura xx


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