Saturday, November 12, 2011

My bump and my online shopping splurge!

Here is a pic of my bump at 20 weeks. I'm hoping it's expansion slows down soon! Who am I kidding?! I got huge with both the boys and they were both 9lbs 1 ounce each (4kgs)!

So I am still SQUEEZING into my regular jeans and plan on living in my maxi dresses from last Summer but I finally bit the bullet and purchased some maternity wear :) Despite me complaining about online shopping here.
I've been pleasantly surprised, everything fits beautifully and is wonderful quality :)

From Pumpkin Patch Maternity, I bought these shorts

From Queen Bee I bought these dresses

(I'm thinking Xmas day for this one)

(in a blue though)

and this skirt.

Am I justifying my splurge by saying I think I can wear these again after pregnancy? :)

and from Ostara I have bought these straight leg jeans.

I also started obsessing over Christmas(I'm hosting at my house for 20 people this year!) and found a shop that sells garlands. I want to try to recreate this look :) Obviously the ones below are fresh but beggars can't be choosers!

Somebody stop me! I have also started to buy JUST a couple of things for the baby but I will share those in another post :)

What do you think of online shopping? Dangerous?!

Simone xx


  1. Awww you are looking so great Simone! Love all the goods Expesh the Pink dress XX Samie

  2. Hi Simone,
    Woo Hoo! Your bump is BEAUTIFUL! and so is your summer wardrobe.
    Yes, online shopping can be a little dangerous but quite frankly, you deserve a slurge. THREE BABIES! Go for it.

    Kel x

    p.s. I love that beautiful green garland look too.

  3. Oops, should say splurge :)

    Kel x

  4. Looking good!!! :)

    Love all your purchases too.


  5. Maternity wear is a different kind of splurge, so of course it's justified :) I ended up buying 2 dresses instead of 1 online the other day and I'm a poor uni student! Online shopping is the best. Who doesn't love parcels turning up at the door for themselves :) xx

  6. You look gorgeous Simone, I love your new clothes and that front door is just what I was after too.x

  7. You will be rockin' in your new clothes this summer, they are all great choices! You are holding it in well I must say! Yes online shopping is dangerous but hay if you see something and like it buy it! Us mums deserve it;)

  8. You are going to look amazing in those dresses Simone! Glad to see everything is coming along well :)

  9. What a cute little baby bump hon...and I love all your maternity buys..they are gorgeous! I stopped squeezing into anything now...have purchased a few size 14 tops to fit over my fast growing bump.
    Got a great pair of denim leggings from Kmart the other day...they were only $15 believe it or not but they look and feel skinny leg jeans.
    Pulled out all my maxi dresses and most fit over the bump ..and feel sooooo much better..and cooler...haven't found a decent swimwear yet

  10. Ohhh gorgeous bump Simone, you look lovely :o)
    I know how it feels to have big boys, mine were 4.6kg and 4.4kg, I was MASSIVE during both pregnancies.
    Your purchases look wonderful. It's always nice to have some new items, to make you feel good while you're pregnant.
    The Chrissy deco's are stunning too! :o) xo

  11. Maternity wear is just getting better and better. You are going to look stunning on Christmas day. Love a bit of online shopping too! ;-)

  12. That's a really cute bump and a lovely selection of maternity clothes. My 16 week bump is pretty small but I've been in maternity jeans for weeks now as I found regular jeans just so uncomfortable.

  13. Simone, I have 3 boys and with each baby they got bigger so my 3rd boy was over 10 punds and I am only little!! Best of luck for yours xx Shauna

  14. Cute bump!! Gorgeous buys Simone, all of which I'm sure you'll get heaps of wear out of. I lived in my skinny leg jeans whilst pregnant and have a similar skirt to the one above which I wore heaps. Those dresses will be perfect too.

  15. I got the shorts last year! I love them and can't find anything in regular clothing like them so am considering wearing them as normal clothes this year!


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