Friday, October 28, 2011

Some random things about me lately :)

I just thought I would share some random things about myself that I have been doing lately :)

1. For the last few days I have been having cheese and mustard pickles on a wholemeal roll. Just delish!

2. We are off on another holiday on Friday, we are taking the boys this time and spending a week in Byron Bay. Wishing for warm weather!

3. I haven't caught up with friends in ages. With feeling sick for the first 3 months of pregnancy and the NY trip, I have been absent. Note to self, book in some coffee catch ups :)

4. I feel a bit guilty for neglecting my blog lately. It used to be a real "obsession" but recently I have been struggling with Bloggers Block. I don't want to stop, I will have to just try and blog through it.

5. My husband's singing drives me nuts! He thinks he has a fabulous voice and is always singing. If it was just normal warbling that would be ok but he is always stretching out notes and doing "verbal gymnastics". I don't tell him this drives me crazy :)

6. I'm feeling a bit restless in regards to the house. I want to repaint, lay floorboards instead of our tiles and maybe repaint/revarnish the furniture.

7. We recently bought a new car. We decided on a Mazda CX9, its black and I am still nervous driving it. I don't want to be the person that causes the first scratch on it!

8. I really have to get my act into gear with planning my mums bday party in a few weeks and I'm also hosting Christmas this year. So I want to start getting organised. I can't wait for Christmas this year :)

9. I keep collecting pictures of sparkly diamond rings lately. Maybe I am just researching for a future present?!

10. Everything I have bought online lately, from clothes to a quilt cover has been really disappointing. I have ended up returning it all. For me there is no substitute for a wander around the shops and seeing the "goods" in real life.

So there you go, some random things I have been doing lately :)

Simone xx

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  1. HI Simone - I know this is a random post but I loved it for its honesty and meanderings. Sometimes, I don't want to look at pretty pictures, I just want to know what makes people tick. And this style of post did exactly that! (That's not to say I don't also enjoy the pretty pictures too!) You sound like you have the restlessness of changing seasons and being pregnant. But a trip to Byron Bay sounds heavenly, very relaxing. Hope it goes beautifully. Virginia

  2. Oh I would love to go to Byron Bay! Have a lovely time. xx

  3. Loving the insight into your every day Simone.
    I SO don't blame you about not wanting to scratch the new car... I know I'll be exactly the same once we upgrade next year :o/ Mazda cx9 is on our list too!
    Ooo another lovely holiday, sounds perfect, hope you have a great time!
    Bloggers block is something we all go through and being obsessed with our blog is another thing we all do... I am in obsession stage right now ;o)
    Haha, I sense an eternity ring coming on sometime soon maybe.
    And I couldn't agree more about the benefits of a wander around the shops. I do like online for the convenience, but seriously, if it's clothing or shoes, I NEED to try them on, feel them and actually SEE what shade of colour they are. Nothing will ever beat a good 6 hour shopping session on foot ;o)
    Have a lovely weekend Simone xo

  4. There is always that risk with online shopping, so many things I have had to return...

    Love that pic!

  5. It is nice sometimes to collect all your thoughts...and the pregancy sickness thing, uuhhhgg so not good and computers for some reason made me worse?? Byron Bay, nice choice such a laid back little town.x

  6. A little bloggy break can do wonders for the inspiration levels!

    So much to like in your little list... Mr SJW was the first one to scratch our cx9 so that took the pressure off me! Just let Simon drive for the first couple of months! Would love to see any furniture makeovers you may undertake and have a wonderful time in Byron. Perhaps some boutique shopping there?? gxo

  7. I enjoyed reading the little tidbits of your life, Simone.

    I hate having to return online shopping goods. It's one of the reasons why real-life shopping is still (just) winning for me for most things. x

  8. Gorgeous image! It's nice to get a look inside your head. Enjoy your trip to Byron Bay xo

  9. A great little list about YOU Simone :) Ooooh....Byron Bay getaway = BLISS! Enjoy my dear!!!
    And, I was the same....I lost a lot of my blogging mojo during this pregnancy {I think it was due to severe morning sickness, then planning the USA trip, then getting ready for baby...time & creativity just gets away from us :)}

  10. Great little read. Ooh you went the black CX9 too, nice, we couldn't be happier with ours, and 1st scratch, well that was me (I like to say it was just a scratch anyway). We're in the midst of putting timber flooring throughout our house, sooo excited for the change! Let me know if you want recommendations of who we went through. Have a fab time in Byron, perfect little getaway before the xmas rush xx

  11. I am with you girl- I was very much into my gardening blog for a long time, but the last few months being so uncomfortable then on bed rest, it was the last thing on my mind. Glad I am not the only one!


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