Friday, August 12, 2011

New clothes please!

I am in desperate need of a shopping trip!
I hate everything in my cupboard and it is all just so uninspiring. Don't you hate when you can't find an outfit to match your mood?!

Although I'm loving that maxi skirts and dresses are still going to be "in" for Spring/Summer!

I came across a fabulous post that Nikki from Styling You wrote the other day. She shows you how an outfit from a campaign looks on the model and then on herself. I think  I have been tempted to get this Country Road dress :)

Any outfits you have your eye on?
Have you already bought some items for your Spring/Summer wardrobe?

Simone xx

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  1. Love that Nikki.

    Whenever I can't find something to wear I just decide to wear lots of colour. It helps. x

  2. I eyed off that dress too when the Country Road email arrived in my inbox with their latest collection. Looks so comfy. Is it a halter neck? If not, it might be a good one for me to hide a maternity bra underneath :)

  3. Loving that Country Road dress... something about black and pink together... hot look! I know where you're at Simone. The new clothes I started Winter with are fast becoming boring and worn. I am sick of them. Can't wait for all the Spring colour and sparkle to come out... Ooo the promise of a new season... and wardrobe ;o) xo

  4. Ah, here I am catching up with today's reading in bed and I catch my name! Thank-you! I was actually shopping with a client today - gorgeous mum of two - size 8 and she bought that dress - two sizes down and looked fab.

    And when I'm feeling drab, I reach for a bright scarf or pair of earrings - something that makes me smile when I look in the mirror.


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