Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just call me Nurse.....

I am putting my Nurse cap on today. 
Simon is having a knee operation and will have to be off his feet for at least 10 days and then limited movement from then. 
Complete recovery should be 8 weeks.


I'm not cut out for the Nurse role. 
My patience with my patient tends to run out after a day or so! Or maybe it is just he is a difficult patient ;)

Anyhoo he will be working from home for the next couple of weeks and keeping me busy no doubt!

How are you as a Nurse? How do you keep your patience? :)

Simone xx

PS - I have had a few emails regarding people having problems commenting on my blog.
 If you are having problems commenting too could you please email me at so I can work out the issues!


  1. I wouldn't mind being a patient in that gorgeous bed!! Good luck playing nurse to hubby x

  2. Good luck with your nursing. I am an ok nurse for a while and provided my patient doesn't whine too much. That bedroom is gorgeous. xx

  3. Its nice to know there is someone there to look after you..I think that is the most comforting thought. Hope he recovers well and soon....think Simon might want the uniform to go with the role? ; ) x

  4. Good luck with your new patient, that bedroom is lovely. A good rest once a week at a very big shopping centre will help.x

  5. I hope Simon is ok and if you get time to leave the patient...lets do tea. X

  6. Poor thing. Hope he recovers really soon x


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