Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I'm loving today.....

Today I'm loving this sunny kitchen nook......

this clever balloon invitation......

the idea of eating sweet & HEALTHY!

yellow flowers......

this cute idea......

these words.....

making this butterscotch cheesecake sometime......

Also I have had this CD on repeat all day.
Especially this song. Can't get enough!

How about you?
What are you loving today?

Simone xx

all images via my boards on pinterest


  1. LOVE Adele...its deep...but her voice is just so powerful..she is so loveable too. Looks like your steppin into the yellow zone lovely> ; ) x

  2. Adele is incredible!!
    Love that first image. How uplifting with the white and yellow mix. Love the Ikat fabric too. x

  3. Am also loving Adele - what a voice!
    I've been naughty today and had a {skinny} slice of baked cheesecake just before reading this - it doesn't stop me craving a slice of the deliciousness you've shared though - yep, that's me, naughty!

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

  4. All fabulous and drool-worthy! ESPECIALLY the invitation! x

  5. I am loving all of your loving today also! Especially the kitchen nook, yellow flowers and words... all utterly divine!
    I am loving maltesers, good old fashioned maltesers... though loving them a little TOO much at the mo! xo

  6. loving all of these images.......i love adele also, have been listening to her since i was preggers with zeke.....do you have both c.d's????? i recommend both, hubbs prefers adele 19 lisa xx

  7. love love love Adele


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