Sunday, June 26, 2011


We have had a few days of Winter sunshine and it has been AMAZING!
I have been enjoying it and thawing out my bones :)

I spent most of Friday in my folding chair on the sidelines of Finn's football games at his school Gala Day. They were playing on the same field so I didn't even have to move. It was bliss! Sunshine makes watching football  soooo much better!

 This was repeated again yesterday with club football. I also spent a couple of SATISFYING hours "styling" up my book shelf and moving furniture around.  I love that kind of stuff! 

Today we are getting out and about and enjoying some more of this Sunshine whilst it lasts. I also have to pick up my impulse purchase from Vinnies. It is a dressing table and mirror that I have no place for but it was such a bargain I couldnt let it go!

I will have some photos to share during the week :)

Enjoy your Sunday

Simone xx
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  1. Now thats a whole lotta glad you are enjoying your weekend lovely..looking forward to checking out your new dresser ; )

  2. Gorgeous image! Have a sunshiny day! Kellie xx

  3. We had some sun here too this weekend, it was lovely and we tried to make the most of it!
    I love those sunny winter days! xx

  4. I love sunshine, but lately we've had too much...we're in a drought and need RAIN. LOL

    This was a cute post!

    It was nice to visit with you today....If you'd care to drop by and say hi, I'm leaving my Sunday's Link for you---HERE

    Have a glorious week ahead.

  5. Sounds utterly divine. The sunshine, watching the footy in it... then the impulse purchase, gotta love those :o) Look forward to the pics xo


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