Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My love is home today xx

Simon has returned from home from his week of surfing in Bali. 
He arrived home this morning as the boys and I were having breakfast. We were all so happy to see him and he was covered in kisses and hugs as soon as he walked through the door.

 We are dropping the boys off at school/kindy and I am really looking forward to having the day together.

 We've got heaps to catch up on and I can't wait to show him my really loooooong list of jobs that are awaiting him ;) 

Have a fabulous day
Simone xx

PS - I wrote a post here for the Kidspot challenge. 
I'd love to hear about your greatest Adventure!

image via stylemepretty.com


  1. I'm preparing a list for Mr SJW and I to tackle as well! We have both been away and are looking forward to hanging out together in the garden over the long weekend.

    Enjoy your day together! gxo

  2. It must be the time of year for boys to be off surfing- my husband has just returned from a surf trip too. And to some household jobs too :) enjoy your day together!

  3. Hope you have the most wonderful day together!!

  4. Fantastic news, Simone - enjoy x

  5. Its always nice when the daddy comes home isnt it Simone?!! My hubby might be back on the weekend a bit early! (not sure how he is going to react to my sons new eyebrow peircing I eventually gave in to!!! - think he might hit the roof! oh well!)
    Laura x

  6. Oh lovely! Hope he brought you back something nice too! Though I'm sure it will be treat enough for you to catch up with him today... and have some of those chores ticked off the list ;o)
    Gorgeous pic here too :o) xo

  7. Yay he is home. Enjoy your day babe x


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