Monday, June 6, 2011

The Adventurous type?

As you know, I am so honoured to have been selected as one of the Top 5 in the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Competition. I have a chance to win a Ford Territory for a year and $5000. Squeal! So my next step in the challenge is to write a post on Adventure.

Hmmm, I never really saw myself as the adventurous type.
 I've always been what you would call a "sensible" person.
 I've always had a plan. Yes, I have had adventures. Yes, I've had wild nights out with friends, unsuitable boyfriends, exciting plans and schemes but who hasn't?!

I've travelled to different countries and experienced various cultures but I never threw everything into a back pack and took off! No, all my travel was pre planned, pre booked, nothing too off the beaten track. Hardly adventurous!

Even my fashion tastes are "safe". I've never mixed my patterns, never worn florals with stripes. I don't "do" hats ;) 

So I was struggling to think about something Adventurous to write about. I looked up the definition of Adventurous. The dictionary described it as "willing to take risks, to try new ideas, methods and experiences"  

Ahhh, this got me thinking. I guess I have been Adventurous....
I took the leap into the Adventure of Marriage almost 12 years ago. I wanted my "happily-ever-after", despite growing up with divorced parents and not having role models for a happy marriage, I was still willing to give it a try. So far so good ;)

I also stepped into the Adventure of Motherhood 9 years ago. 
I am still experiencing the most beautiful, nerve wracking, fulfilling and exquisite Adventure I think I will ever go on.
 I learn something new everyday and you just never know what may be around the corner :)

For the last year or so I have created my own little Adventure, in looking for something more for myself. Trying to round off my life a little more. Creating my own little business, my blog, my voice, learning new things, making new friends, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This took courage, this is Adventurous for me!

I have many more Adventures I want to begin. I want to take a Cooking Class (something exotic), go back to learning a Language (either Italian or French), take the boys to Disneyland and Hawaii. Revisit New York and Europe with my husband. Go on a Girls trip away, do a Dance Class, take up Yoga. The list is endless!

There is nothing too "radical" or nail biting on my list but the thing is that they are all new experiences waiting for me.
Maybe I will succeed in them, maybe I won't.... 
I guess that is the Adventure!

How about you? 
What is the most Adventurous experience you have ever had? 
What Adventure would you like to embark on? 
I'd love to hear them.

Have a gorgeous day
Simone xx

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  2. Life everyday is an adventure. I take the camera with me everywhere, even on the school run, because you just... never... know. gxo

  3. I think you have had many adventures Simone. I do believe marriage and a family is one of THE biggest adventures anyone can undertake. So while you feel like a 'safe' kind of person, I think you're every bit adventurous.
    I guess I'm also a fairly safe kind of person. Love plans and organisation. I consider my marriage and family to be a life long adventure, anything else is just an experience along the way. Good luck Simone, I do hope you win :o)

  4. I loved the way you said "unsuitable boyfriends" - boy, I had a few of those as well! I'm not adventurous at all. Well, I say that but I did paraglide when in New Zealand - that was pretty adventurous!
    ps thanks so much for your lovely comment about my studio room :)

  5. Most adventurous physically for me would have been completing the 5 day Milford Sound hike in New Zealand about 6 years ago. I've also bungy jumped 134m, done several rapids white water rafting, jet boating, motorbike riding, jet skiing at 80km/hr with 3 adults on the jet ski and fast quad bike riding!

    Studying a 6 year Engineering and Science degree can also have it's adventures; with friends, getting assignments done.

    For the future we're intending on going to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore in January 2012. I've never been to a third world country before so it's bound to envelope several journeys!

    At 21 years old, I think adventures involve mainly physically travelling, and throughout your degree you also start to grow as the person whom you may become for the rest of your life :)


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