Thursday, June 23, 2011

The flat pack king!

The inspiration.

So I wrote a while ago about some plans that I had for the house. Including wall to wall bookcases in two of the rooms. 
We had a couple of quotes for custom made pieces and almost fainted! I just couldn't justify the cost!

I knew I still wanted them but I had to find the less expensive option. So off to Ikea I went :)

My handyman is very good, the job should be finished tonight and then I get to do the fun bit and style it up!

The room will be rearranged, the brown cabinet will be moved to another room. 
Pictures next week :)

How are you with the flat packed stuff or are you happy to leave it to the "handy man"?

Speaking of flat packs etc, how good is The Block this year?! 
I'm really enjoying it so far. Are you watching?

Simone xx

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  1. Hi Simone, what a great idea with your bookcases, styling is much more fun that putting them together, and yes I am enjoying the block. I can't wait to see Katrina tonight.

  2. Loving the room - how good is Ikea and how clever your man!

    Of flat packs though I'm not as enamored - they give me the heebies and watching the participants on 'The Block' struggle with them is akin to torture for me. I'm hoping that our beloved Katrina Chambers who is on tonight's episode has been a clever lassie and kept well clear of the dreaded FP.

    Looking forward to the next installment of the your shelves.

  3. oh no! I do the flat pack jobs...hubby tries to do it to quickly and usually buggers it up!

    I've been a bit disapointed with the block so far....first night wasn't to bad but the last 2 nights haven't been anything really amazing, but do agree and hope Katrina gets through!

  4. Looking good Simone. I can't wait to see the finished room. I don't mind flat packs but I think I always underestimate how long it will take to put together : )

  5. Custom joinery is very expensive. I asked a friend who used to build that sort of thing when we were doing my art studio shelving and he told me some crazy price per square metre for doing the work. Even our home built option (which I love) was still not cheap, despite using mdf that we painted ourselves. Yours are looking great too. I'm one of those weird women that likes to put things like that together myself. I have been feeling sorry for the contestants on the block who have had to rush to get it done though. I'm really enjoying the show.
    Looking forward to seeing your shelves all decorated!

  6. Loving The Block! I loved the very first room that won. I have wanted to do this Ikea flat pack thing for a while now, perhaps a trip this weekend I think!

  7. That is going to look absolutely amazing honey..cannot wait to see the end results . Custom made is ever so beautiful and timeless...but your right..extremely expensive! Loving the block to...looking forward to tonights episode to see Kat :)

  8. I have that same first image saved in one of my folders for our 'fireplace' wall eventually. I had no idea custom cabinetry was really expensive, I don't think the Ikea option will work for us though because we need a return on one side so the TV can go on the cabinet in the corner. Cannot wait to see yours all put together and looking fab all styled! I usually attempt the flat packs and then get frustrated and ask for hubby's help :) I too am enjoying watching The Block - especially waiting for tonight's episode with Katrina.

  9. Oooo how exciting Simone! I love a makeover and this one looks pretty amazing. Lucky you having a "handy man" around. My hubby is a lovely man, but he has no idea about anything remotely handy around the house. So alas, all flat packs and constructed pieces are left to me. Hence, why I love a fully assembled piece of furniture, that can be delivered to the very spot I need it ;o)
    Can't wait for the photos of your beautiful new room! xo

  10. Just what we did in our study.. Custom cabinetry is incredibly expensive. You'll enjoy filling it up with all your bits and pieces. Rachaelxx

  11. I so love the design you have of your room. I love a good flat pack and am totally spoilt that hubby will put them together for me with the cherubs. I so love a wall of books and nicknacks. Have fun. N x

  12. Ain't no "handyman" in my house. Whenever a cardboard box appears, he shrieks "I'm terribly busy"..(.whatever he can quickly think of).

    Which is fine by me, because my family calls me the Meccanno Queen. Meaning, I am never happier than with a cordless drill in my hand putting something or other together.

    They are looking mighty fine so far - lots of bookcases is SUCH a luxury. They always manage to be filled!

  13. Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished look. Ange


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