Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday.

Something pretty for a Monday morning.
Hope you all have a fantastic week :)

Today I'm off to do a little shopping for clothes for myself and the boys.
I really noticed the cooler weather on the weekend and when I went to pull out something warm all my clothes were looking a little tired! 
The boys have grown out of last winters jeans and hoodies so off to the shops I go!

Loving this winter look from Sportsgirl :) 

So how about you?
Have you pulled out the winter woollies yet?


  1. mine are looking a bit tired too... i noticed sportsgirl has some nice jumpers and other comfortable looking things.i like the fashion at the moment...have fun shopping!

  2. I've bought a couple of new things already, a nice light weight coat which is perfect for this weather and a few new tops and new black skinny jeans.
    Enjoy the shopping!

  3. Shopping trip!!! Very exciting! Wish I was going. I bought all my boys clothes online from Pumpkin patch (because it's easy and convenient) and just a few things from Cotton on kids. Shopping for boys clothes is PAINFUL and BORING and so uninspiring!
    As for me - I bought most of my winter wardrobe from Witchery and Kookai, but I picked up some nice drapey cardi's from Ezibuy for everday wear as well. Lorna Jane for hoodies and track pants. Also Sussan's for the best winter pj's and a few basics. I'm all done... for the moment!

  4. Up here in far north qld i don't get to wear my winter woolies, which makes me so sad. i love rugging up in a coat and my boots! so much so i'm planning my trips to melbourne right in the heart of winter :)

    have a great day shopping xx


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