Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall......

Another fab find of mine recently were these mirrors from Target. 
They go perfectly with the room and I love how the reflect the rest of the space.

The other pieces in the room are lounges and coffee table (it's actually a kids play table) from Freedom.
Blue and white cushions, owl and lamp from Domayne. 
Floral cushions from Cotton On Kids.
 (they are doing the cutest stuff! I spoke about it here)
Bird cage from That Bali Shop
 (a shop in Narrabeen that sells furniture from Bali, who would have thought!)
 Ikea rug and jam jar used as a vase. 
The hanging driftwood was a present from my husband (love that he adores homewares too!)
Some lovely books from my collection and the flowers are from my boys from Valentines Day.
Bob the Builder tool bench poking up from behind belongs to Jasper 
Dash the dog has been very good and I think he has lost his taste for chewing and weeing on rugs.
 Lets hope!

In the background I painted our old fence palings and hung them above the buffet. Simple :)

Now let's see how long it takes me to get tired of this!


  1. They are fantastic, Target certainly does surprise sometimes! Rachaelxx

  2. Your living room truly is lovely. And those gorgeous mirrors are a wonderful way to bounce the light around :)

  3. They really lovely mirrors. Obviously I need to check out Target more often.
    You have a lovely room. I still adore those fence palings! Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. we would be terrible shopping together, i looked at the same mirrors too while i was contemplating buying got styles girl xx

  5. LOVE those have it all looking so relaxing and welcoming it! x

  6. They look fab Simone, add some great sparkle to the space!
    Romana :)

  7. I have been eying off those mirrors myself Simone, they are such a great price. Your home is just looking fantastic & very welcoming!
    Have a great weekend!!

  8. I also have been eying off those mirrors. I have the perfect spot for one of them and I think you've convinced me to whip back and pick one up!
    Just have to say that I love love love the photo collage on your wall and the painted fence palings look fantastic. So clever!!

  9. Target... really? Wow, they look great. The room overall is looking so beautiful. Great job x

  10. Ok, Ive been totally out of it..... when did Cotton On start doing homewares? i LOVE those cushions, Fern may need one for her room.... love those mirrors too. And just to prove how out of it I really am, did the picnic go ahead last weekend? I would have loved to come but husband was dying of some sort of hideous infection and was in and out of hospital all weekend. Lovely home, gal! x

  11. Hi Simone, So nice to meet you. I ran across your blog when I was looking for images of gray houses with white trim. Love your blog and the mirrors you put in the living room area. They look fabulous and I also love that you put the old fencing on the wall too. Come for a visit when you have time. xo

  12. Good concept that u have done .its nice to see do ur best thing in this Fence Palings


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