Friday, February 18, 2011

Something new.....

I found these cushions and throw in Cotton On Kids. 

Ok, yes it was meant for a little girls room but I love the colours so much that I wanted them for me!

The throw is actually a single bed coverlet. Guess how much the cushions were? $12 = bargain! 
I loved them soooo much I even bought a few for the lounge room to mix in with my blues. The wall art above the bed is from Freedom. 

I really wanted a juju hat but that was WAY over my budget.
 I'm thinking about spray painting it white to make it really pop!

 And yes I have changed over my rugs!
I was ready for a break from the green:)
 I have a few other things to show you soon.

Any new changes at your house lately?


  1. Love it Simone! I just love a bargain too! I am in the middle of redoing our family room. I have to wait another 12 weeks for the couches though :( Photos could be a while!

  2. Oh they are so pretty and they really make me think of spring!!

  3. Simone they are so vibrant and fresh looking..and I cant believe you bought them at that they look quilted which is lovely. Its nice to make new changes to the home..I love coming home with some new goodies.
    I love your wall art..and I love it as is...maybe if you wanted to get a bit crafty you could add some long white feathers to it, to give it a bit of a juju effect?
    Cant wait to see what else you have to share :) Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  4. Awesome find Simone, you've made me very tempted to go out and get some myself! They make a wonderful addition to your bedroom and lounge. Just goes to show that looking around (kids shops/sections included) you can get the prettiest things for the best value for money!:)xx

  5. total score! the bright floral looks fab in your bedroom and your living room! nice work - I think I am off to have a better look around Cotton On Kids! lol

  6. These look soo good! You have amazing taste, I want your house :D xx

  7. Very cute! I love your piece above the couch....think I will need to do something like that made out of timber from my hubbies farm.

  8. Wow, what great finds. I didn't realise Cotton On Kids did decor stuff. The throw is gorgeous and I think the cushions add a nice pop of colour to your lounge for a new look.

  9. I love it all Simone! I too can't believe what a great find the cushions were and I love the wall art... it is just as effective as a juju :) Have a great w/e! x

  10. i love your ROOM!! loving your style Simone ..cant believe how much you paid for the cushions-what a bargain ..absolutely gorgeous prints and your lounge looks beautiful with the new additions:).


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