Thursday, October 7, 2010

My home - a few little changes for Spring :)

I added a few little changes for Spring.
I wanted to bring in some blue and green so I did this with my accessories. New cushions, lampshades covered with new material and I painted some of my fence palings. It didnt cost a lot but I feel like everything has been refreshed :)

Our lounge/dining room.

The lounge room. Our previous rug was beyond saving due to toilet training Jasper and the new puppy at the same time. Yikes!! I was at Ikea, NOT looking for a rug but when I saw this green one I thought why not? It wasnt overly expensive so when I get sick of it and Im sure I will, I wont feel toooo guilty!
The fabric in the frames inspired the whole "theme". It was from Duckcloth.

Behind the scenes, so to speak.
 I like that when you first walk into the room the kids toys don't overwhelm the room but they are easily accessible. The 2 ottomans are full to the brim with books and toys and you can see the basket!

Dining room table runner is left over from the cushions. I got the material at Ikea too.
I came home with a lot that day!

I recovered the ottoman with the same fabric as previous cushions and the table runner. You cant see it clearly in the picture but it is a green and white stripe. Lamp shade is covered with left over fabric too.
I have been using my coffee table books as decoration lately.
They are spread throughout the house to add extra colour :)

Close up of table and my beloved ghost chairs :)

Buffet stayed the same. I just added the blue and white stripes to the fence palings to tie everything together.

Bathroom is the same. Just added a bathmat with a bit of green.
Can you see my bathroom door in the mirror with the man/woman sign?
These were from Pulp and I thought they were a cute touch :)

Other lounge area. Same cushions etc, I just need to add the blue and white stripes here too.

More coffee table books.

Bedroom. Ikea, Ikea, Ikea!

My little flower pots are coming along nicely. They will add a touch of colour to each side of the front door.

Outside. I recovered the cushions as they were quite manky with fabric I already had.
Cushions from, you guessed it..... Ikea!

Nothing too overwhelming, all very cheap and cheerful but it should get me through Spring/Summer without doing anything else.
Oh thats right, Christmas will be coming up, the gardens are not finished.
I dont think this house will ever be done :)

PS - After looking at these photos I realised my camera is crap and I want a new one!


  1. All your changes look fantastic Simone! Well done, I love the green tones and I am in love with your dining area! You have beautiful style, how good is ikea!

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  3. your home is just ADORABLE..i love every bit of it,the wall art,the ghost chairs and those chandeliers {gorgeous}thanks for sharing your beautiful home to us XX

  4. You have been busy, well done! I particularly love your outdoor area and the painted fence pailings... I never would have thought to put them to that use! x

  5. I love your fence palings to bits!! And the zzzz over your bed is great too. And who couldn't love an Ikea blitz :)

  6. Your house looks lovely Simone, and I love the fence palings too! What would we do without Ikea huh? K xx

  7. Your home looks absolutely beautiful Simone. Your my "spring cleaning" inspiration! Thankyou for sharing.

  8. Heavenly!!! I want to sit in your chair with the ottoman, in the photo room, and use that gorgeous lamp to read, read, read.... Aaaah! Save me a spot...

  9. Your home is lovely Simone. Did you do the fence pailings yourself or were they a purchase? Great styling. ;-)

  10. Lovely spring greens! So great to be able to change the mood of a room just by changing some of the accessories.

  11. Simone, you have been one busy decorating bee!! Love all the 'Spring' touches you've added for a fresh new look. I adore your fence paling artwork and so many other little touches in your beuatiful home. I so wish I could take you homewares shopping with me as I really like your taste :)

  12. Awesome use of brown & clearly you are not a plant killer!! Looks so lovley, homely, stylish & seamless. Great work & who doesn't love a dollop of IKEA in the house?? Love Posie

  13. oohh i just saw your chandelier in the bedroom simone! Ours i going up on wednesday & i was almost having second thoughts that it might be too girly for ben (despite the fact that he chose it!) seeing yours has put me at ease again! Where is yours from?? i spent about 3 hours assembling mine (from beacon lighting) on the weekend!

  14. love the colour scheme and feel of your living area. LOVE the fencing art!

  15. Gorgeous home Simone...and I love the ottoman covered in that green and white stripe fabric..I say get that staple gun out and keep it that soooo fits into that space perfectly. Love your use of colour...very earthy and natural yet fresh and uplifting..gorgeous x

  16. just found your blog and love it...your home is fab especially love your livingroom and the love is the new black sign, careen x

  17. Your home is so lovely! I saw you on Amanda's blog and thought I'd visit! You have a beautiful blog! I love IKEA, too! It's too bad that there is not IKEA in my current city. When I lived back in the States, I used to visit IKEA frequently and it's my favorite place on earth to shop! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!


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