Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Food Fashion Friends

Food Fashion Friends is the name of the new book I have to buy!
It is by the Australian designer Fleur Wood and the book is full of "recipes and styling for unforgettable parties"

"Cookbook, style guide and photographic tour de force, this is a gloriously indulgent celebration of the pleasures of frocking up, decking out and cooking up a storm."

"Fashion designer and passionate home cook Fleur Wood shows us how to create the kind of event that delights the eye and ignites the imagination, from a wild-child birthday party to a winter solstice fondue dinner and afternoon tea in the greenhouse with the girls."

Don't the images look beautiful?

I am dying to try the recipe for Coconut Ice. It looks like pink perfection, extra sweet and delicious!!

I want to run out and get it now!!


  1. Oh I'm with you, I just saw this advertised in a mag and thought yep this one is for me.

  2. Looks like a fab book...will certainly keep an eye out for it..hope you are having a lovely week so far cookie x

  3. Dear Simone, I neeeeed that book! It sure looks like the perfect one! Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  4. What a cool idea for a book. Would love a copy for myself. Hope your having a great week. Michelle

  5. looks like a great read. The styling is divine!

  6. This is on my MUST buy list! X

  7. I was in Victoria's Basement today and they currently have it on sale for $39.95. Its absolutely divine!

  8. This looks like my kind of book!

  9. I got this for christmas, Its a great coffee table book & some fab ideas in it, no way I could pull something like her parties off as I need a bunch of money & my own celebrity chef


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