Friday, June 25, 2010

Every backyard should have a pool :)

Don't you think every backyard should have a pool?

There is something so fun about them. Endless entertainment for the kids and such a pleasure to cool off in your own pool on a hot day!

They also add a little colour and glamour to the backyard.

Here are some gorgeous pools:)

And our own pool.

Our pool. Excuse the collection of soccer balls & screaming child!
He wanted to go in the pool and I said no! :)

 Hope you have a wonderful Friday


  1. Your pool looks fantastic. I'd like to make ours look a little more like that. But it's way, way down on the project list..We bought our house because of the pool, it's such a big part of our life in Summer..Rachaelxx

  2. Loooove the first pool! But your pool is just as fantastic - i so agree with you that every house should have a pool - thats my lifes aspiration. To have a house with a pool!

  3. I agree that every house should have a pool. We had to renovate our pool as part of our overall house reno. - so glad we did as we live in it in summer. I just wish our pool was heated ... maybe in the next house! Have a great weekend. Michelle

  4. I always dreamt of having a house with a pool. We live in it in summer too but it is very neglected in winter! Would be lovely to swim all year round.


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